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Difference Between 2.04 Code And Latest?

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So I got some new P5 "Giant Dots" in to replace my defectives (just ended up ordering a new pair).  When they came in it was beautiful to see it actually working then I donated and updated to the latest firmware. When I burned it the display came back up with line "doubling". not really ghost trails but whole lines duplicated on the next line which messes with colours and makes one line text (like on new sterns) pretty unreadable.  also as a whole it makes the display dimmer.like this

Source: (Stern test mode)



I wrote back to the seller and sent him pictures and he said I needed to debug my controller. I figured he was wrong and just trying to cover his ass. I had gotten ripped off again by these cheap things,   But today with nothing else to try I went with some previous Firmwares from the repository.  2.11 "shadows" 2.07 "shadows".... 2.04...well


All better. I couldn't believe it. So I flashed back to 2.11 doubled.. Back to 2.04... Clean.

So it's a few revisions ago and I'm not even sure where I'd begin to look for the issue in the source. I figured it's your code you'd have a better idea what to poke at than me.

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Oh also can someone reccomend me some anti-glare film because I don't appear to be able to turn these down.

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Display on the photos is P5 ? Is the red line changing to orange in the middle of the display ?

Looks like a timing issue with our new output routine we introduced with 2.05 .

We can test a few things when I 'm back from holidays.

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