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Metallica Pro

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Dear, I finally got to play Metallica Pro. But as I turn the screen ?, which folder the files are placed b2s ?, I have problems with the sound is slower than normal, as I can afford it?

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directb2s file goes in your tables directory. Sounds like you are trying to play a cabinet Full-screen version in desktop mode. That is why there is a directb2s file and the screen is rotated. 

As for slow sound - you might need better pc/video for this table.

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I know this is quite a few years ago, but I cannot get the pinball to play. Also cannot find this "samVPS" either. Can anyone help us? I have downloaded the table and mtl_164 and not working so not sure what needs to be done. Anyone out there who can tell me what I am doing wrong?

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sam.vbs should be in your Scripts folder  C:\Visual Pinball\Scripts

Try this
Each time you install new version right click the Set up file in the VPinMame folder and run Administrator

Install in the VPinMAME folder  C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME

Install this VPinMAME_3_2_beta.zip


Then official rev r4689


Then official rev 4723


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