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Continue To Have Rom Path Or Rom File Errors On Ac/dc

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Hello all,

I continue to have problems getting this table to load for me......I continually get the following VBS Script error "game terminated before initialized ...check ROM path or ROM file"

The thing is, is that it's intermittent.....sometimes the game will load and play normally. I can exit the game and reload it right away and it'll load and play again, then the very next time I'll get the above error.

Thinking that it was a VBS error based on the description of the error box which was "VBS Script Error" I went into my scripts folder and put the Stern.VBS file into my tables folder. I did this only as a wild ass guess as in the past some of my VP9 tables wouldn't load with the necessary script in the script folder and placing them in the tables folder allowed the table to load.

I have no idea if I am on the right track or not, however I will say that after I did this, the table loaded up and ran properly from Pinball X three times in a row. Thought I had it licked.....went back to the cabinet an hour later,turned it on and tried to load the table and it's right back to the error again. If I am on the right track I have no idea as to whether the Stern.VBS file was the right one to move or perhaps there is another?

I've tried all the usual, deleting the existing table files and redownloading it. Redownloaded the ROM, made sure that the ROM was named correctly in the script to match the ROM name in the ROM folder. Tested the ROM in Pinmame etc.

I just downloaded the PBX Recorder program last week and have animated all of my playfield and backglass's. I believe that this problem began at that time as well. It seems to me that there is some sort of inter-action between the Recorder program, how the recorder files are named and how it impacts my ACDC table. As an example, just playing around with trying to get my PM5 version of Elvis' animations to work I had to rename them to match the table name. Once I did that the Elvis animations began to work but then ACDC stopped loading and I'd get the ROM error. I noticed that so I went back and renamed the Elvis animation files to what they were and found ACDC would work again.

I have spent countless hours trying to get this sorted out. All of my other PM5 tables play properly as well as all of my recent Stern tables of that era.

How can something work several times in a row and then stop working without making any changes.

I love that table.....it's just such an awesome package. I'll truly be disappointed if I can't get this sorted out.

Thanks for reading!

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Its not your setup.  Look at the ACDC release post, there are plenty of people reporting random crashes of the ACDC rom. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/1829-acdc-stern-2012/?hl=acdc


There is no fix at this time that I am aware of.  If ACDC crashes constantly for me, I usually load a diff table, run it and then stop it and then load ACDC and it usually works for me, but I have no idea why...

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I am good company I see.

Thanks for the link....I was not aware of the scope of what was going on with this table.

On the rare occasion that it works for me it is one heckuva ride!!

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Did this ever get fixed.  I cannot run AC/DC or mustang from pinballx, manually through the table folder or manually through vpx.  I have to take the AC/DC or mustang table and move it to my desktop and it plays fine but with no b2s.   

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still have this issue and its only with acdc and mustang... very frustrating.  it used to work and not sure what I updated but these two stopped.  when I took the b2s out of the table folder and launched acdc it worked.  I tred launching acdc from vpx directly and nogo.  I am using win 10 btw

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