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Ledwiz Power Input Connectors?

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I think this is a very weird concoction.. I don't get at all what they are for..

I have looked at various "schematics" of ledwiz drawings, but to me they seem to be connected nowhere.


As i have understood from the manual they are for powering things (other than from the usb port) . But for example the big drawing in the pinball 101 doc, for example 12v is connected BOTH to the

input socket on the board AND the + side of the toy. This makes no sense to me.


TOYPower goes from + through the toy and sinks to ground by the ULN chip. That's it.. so what the heck is the power inputs for? The chips themselves are powered from the usb?

The outputs from the driverchip (the one in the middle of the board) drives the ULN chip, which is just 8 darlington transistors (that's why the output is inverted), so in theory every output can have different



It would have been much easier for me to understand this construction if i had a schematic of the ledwiz. I am not the type that just do things because other say so, i want to know why, before i do it.


I might be wrong, because it is many years since i was in school studying these things.


PS: on other thing, the big schematic with all the bells and whistles in the pinball document. He has connected all the inputs and just runs all to the anode of the leds, but where are the power for them?

To me it looks like it is + output to the leds..

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Just like i wrote..


What i want to know is WHERE do the inputs go (on the board) and WHY are they there. Like the big diagram on the ledwiz phamplet for leds. Instead of connecting the +5v from the usb 5v output, then

i would connect the + to a 5v power supply. The other diagrams connect one of the input terminals to BOTH the powersupply AND the LED.. Then the led gets it power from the powersupply, not the power input.



So still what is the 4 power inputs for? Are they maybe just terminalblocks hanging in the air and not really connected anywhere?


I don't think anyone undestands what i mean.  Perhaps i should draw a picture and show what i mean electronically?

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Ok now i understand everything. I looked at the schematic of the ULN chip. The 4 connectors are NOT power inputs. They are the cathode of a

clamping diode. That's why it is connected to +.

So i think the instructions for the ledwiz are very sketchy, not explaining this in an easy way.


Also it does mean that you are NOT restricted to 1 different voltage per bank (not inductive). Actually you can have 12v on port 1, 24v on port 2, 5v on port 3 etc..


O connector

/\  diode

O - output


Correct me if i'm wrong.

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The official recommended use of LEDWIZ is here: http://groovygamegear.com/PDF/LEDWIZv2_INSTALL.pdf

and the input from RandyT at groovygamegear saying different voltages on different LEDwiz inputs can be used when the Bank Voltage inputs are unused is here: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,117492.msg1245370.html#msg1245370


For RGB leds, you hook up the R-, G- and B- to 3 of the ledwiz ports, and the R+, G+ B+ to your voltage source along with appropriate resistors in series

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