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Miss World (Geiger 1985) (Db2S)

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Miss World Illuminated.png

File Name: Miss World (Geiger 1985) (dB2S)
File Submitter: Westworld
File Submitted: 13 Feb 2013
File Category: B2S Backglasses

Backglass Design informations:
The Table was a mod/clone of the KISS Table, created from Geiger Automatenbau, Germany. They replaced the painting of used KISS Tables, keeping gameplay, rules and so ROM unchanged and resold them as new machines. I did not found a video of the backglass, but assume that they changed as less as possible to keep costs low. I've expected that they moved the KISS letter lamps, which was mounted in a kind of box, to the left to fit the MISS letters, keeping the Aux board to drive the lamps unchanged.

The backglass supports the "chase lights", which was first introduced with the KISS pinball. The letters MISS shows an animation during Attract mode, while showing the missing target letters during play mode.

The Miss World backglass is a clone of the KISS backglass, using the Designer's feature to clone a backglass by just using another image, keeping all lamps/logic unchanged.

The backglass is using 7 digits, so you need to use ROM "Kissb" and not "Kiss". You might need to modify the table script.

A big thanks to Flying Dutchman for the backglass image

New in Version 1.01: Added Fantasy Mode (needs B2S.Server 1.1)
Additional Animation in "World" and highlighted World globe.

Click here to download this file

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