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Q: Building Ledwiz "booster" Board

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I have about 3000 BUZ70L N-Mos logiclevel mosfets 60V 12A i hoped to finally use for something.

But it seems ledwiz have inverted outputs so i would have needed p-mos instead.


But if i invert the outputs with a Cd4049 or 4069 (hex inverters) and then feed the mosfet, that would work.


So is my thinking correct? See crude schematic:




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Have tried all my boards now with leds, motors and solenoids. It works great i think. I have 2 designs made, one with 2psc 4049 or 4069 = 12 channels (double sided board), and one with a single 7404 (6 channels).

The 4049 can be driven by 3-15v and switch voltages upto 60v 12A (with heatsinks).

The 7404 must be powered by 5v only, and can switch the same as above.

My designs only use traditional components, no surfacemounted. So they get a little bigger than i guess zebs boards are ;)


Now i have used 48 of my mosfets, what should i use the other 2500+ for?

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