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Pin2Dmd V2 Activation

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with version 2 of the PIN2DMD firmware we introduced a activation key. Here is

a little instruction what to do.


First of all you have to install V2 firmware following this instruction



After a successful update you should see the PIN2DMD logo together with a number on the display.

Please send this number together with your forum member name and a donation for our charity project

( e.g. 10Euro per device but we also accept more 🙂 and send it to me using the donation button in my signature.


You will receive a activation file you either have to place in your pin2dmd.exe folder and start the tool without

command line argument (gui mode) or copy it to your sd card.


This file can also be used to register the pin2dmd editor



Please ask further questions here.



Thanks for your support



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I have two questions:


1. I already gave the pledge, now I have to pay again ??

2. I have from you a few sets PIN2DMD whether each set must have a different activation code?


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Depends on the use. Just a few that came to my mind.

For both usecases

- use of pin2dmd editor for colorizing WPC, DataEast etc

- ongoing development of features (currently working on speedup of output routine and color calculation)

For virtual pins

- fully supported from pinballX and UltraDMD

For real pins

- faster input routine

- autosync

- more machine types

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