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Pinkadia! The Ultimate Virtual Pinball / Arcade / Pc Combo Cabinet!

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Cool new feature for PuP and Popper! Transparent 24 bit Videos! Video Wheel ARCs! Overlay transparent Videos!
Here is a demonstration of a new upcoming feature in Pinup Player and Popper. Transparent (24 bit) Video support for any PuP screen! This means you can have loads a neat overlay video effects while browsing through Popper....and in PuP-Packs! Very cool stuff!
The Tarcisio Caleiro ARC used in the demo is NOT the final version...its an older WIP version that I used for testing because I still had the project file.
Note the ARC actually has a transparent center that shows an additional Transparent VIDEO layer underneath (the red LAVA liquid looking stuff). This mean we can have animated wheelbars or ARCS! Different ones per system,etc Very cool! You can also just have no "image" and just use an entire Transparent Video Arc!
Since all PuP screens can be transparent, this means that other screens can be used in a similar manner. So you'll see the "Loading" screen is a transparent "blood" animation that still shows the playfield video playing underneath! Imagine all the cool effects that can be done!
Unlike the Jaws "Drain test" video that had a similar effect....that video was "fake". It was a composited video combining the blood layer and another video underneath.
This is REAL-TIME 24 bit video with transparency! Cool as f**k!
Note: As far as how far this can be used, or how welll it will run on all systems is unknown. I've only tested this on my PC running in HD. I haven't tested in my 4K cab yet, as I'm far away from home right now.

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Have you ever wanted to use some of my cool Addressable Led effects / animations in a pinball game...or maybe a PC game...MAME arcade game? What about your DOF lighting and feedback? Maybe also use a PuP-Pack?

Well now you can!

This is a demo of "DOFLinx: Effects." I created 100's of addressable led effects and animations, as well as all sorts of DOF lighting animations and feedback... and I added it all to "ONE" rom configuration in DOF Config Tool! Almost 1000 Exxx triggers can be used!

This rom allows any VPX table, FP table (that doesn't have DOF support), to use them through DOF / DOFLinx script commands.

For tables and games that DON'T have DOF capability (PC, Zaccaria pinball, MAME,etc), this also means they can be controlled with Startup Events, or with key / button presses using DOFLinx! While that may not be the same as full DOF control (using script commands)... the video demo shows that it can still do some cool stuff!

I'll have more information soon on the DOFLinx forum. Anyone can do this using my "DOFLinx SUP ini Creator".

Make sure you watch the Stargate demo on the second half of the video!




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"DOFLinx Effects": What is it? How does it work?

In this video I explain what "DOFLinx: Effects" is and how it works for any game...   and it's limitations compared to proper DOF for Visual Pinball or Future Pinball Tables.




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Here is a video that explains all about DOFLinx SUP ini files...how they work, and how you can use them with DOFLinx: Effects. 

It gives you a tour of the DOFLinx: Effects spreadsheet, and shows you how to easily create SUP ini files  with my SUP ini Creator Tool.

Video Bookmarks:

Setup DOFLinx to wake up for your game: 1:38

What is a SUP *.ini file?: 4:02

Tour of the SUP ini Creator: 8:48

Create your SUP *.ini File: 24:12

Test your SUP *.ini file: 38:00




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OK...so I made a new video that will show you all the DOF / MX Led effects the you can use with DOFLinx: Effects!

Now when you look up a desired effect on the DOFLinx:Effects spreadsheet, you won't need to guess at what it will look like... you can see it in the video!



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OK…now THIS is a single screen Desktop Theme!

Going back to old ideas from my first Theme I made for Pinup Popper back before it was released… this works really nicely for a Desktop Theme, and looks really nice in 4K.

This uses the PuP Backglass for the Underlay videos, the PuP Playfield for gameplay videos, and the PuP DMD for whatever you want like marquee / banners..or DMD videos.

It also works nicely with the transparent loading videos as well, and also uses my new Text Zones update.

Works great for Desktop view of Pinball Emulators, Arcade Games, and other Emulators.

….and yes I love Neon…. though I need to get Tarcisio to help out with creating an alternate version that uses matching metal / chrome instead of the neon framing.

This Desktop Theme will be released when the new Pinup Popper 1.4 update is released.

The video below shows off all the Playlists, and shows how everything looks when browsing… and also flyers, and loading into a table with the transparent 24 bit ARC videos.

This is bling for a desktop gaming thing!






For those who are allergic to watching an entire video... here are some pictures...










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Not content with just the previous T-ARC for desktop...here is the new Desktop / Arcade Theme I made for the upcoming release of Pinup Popper 1.4...only this time featuring the original Tarcisio Popper Bar.

It features Underlay videos for each Playlist, Playfield videos for gameplay, and DMD videos at the bottom for Marquee / Banner videos.

Each Playlist can have their own Videos and BAR image for everything. Each game can also have their own videos for everything. It also features my new Text Zones update, which makes use of Popper SQL database for lots of options on what text is displayed for each game!

Looks and performs really nicely in 4K!

I have now probably made every type of theme in every configuration possible... ARC on PF, Bar on PF (in landscape, portrait, HD and 4K)....ARC on BG, Bar on BG... now ARC and Bar in a Desktop Theme.

I may be wrong...but I think Popper is the only front-end that has ever had this kind of flexibility to create any theme / layout you want with BAR / ARC, etc.


The video below shows off all the Playlists, and shows how everything looks when browsing… and also flyers, and loading into a table (the new stunning TAF) with the transparent arc videos.

..and this is a 4K video now...so it looks really nice!




....and for those to silly to watch a video...here are pics.



















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Hi Terry, I was reading this thread. When you replaced your playfield with a 4K tv, what model did you get?


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You're gonna need a bigger pincab!

This is the VPX version of my Jaws PuP-Pack. It's a fairly simple table so it only took a few days...but I may update it later when I have more time.

I had a couple of days free time away from my military training course, so I finally got this sucker done!

Thanks goto Rom and SLAMT1LT for the original FP tables, and RandR for the VPX conversion!

Thanks also to Tarcisio Caleiro for his excellent Jaws default background video!

The Future Pinball Ultimate Pro JAWS PuP-Pack is coming... but that table has way more content and modes,etc so it will need a much larger PuP-Pack...and of course the table will need to be updated to work with it. (When I have time).


A video demo of the PuP-Pack can be found here:




And some pics for those who don't watch videos







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Coming Soon... Tron Legacy "End of Line" PuP-Pack.

Completely reworked (using newer PuP features) with new videos for events such as Game Start, Drain, Ball Saved, TILT, Attract Trailers, and all new "Mode Title" videos. Now includes (for the first time) PORTAL mode videos...but most importantly...

New (optional) hi quality "stereo" OST music from the movie that replaces the mono 22000Hz SAM system music.

Video debut trailer here (you see new videos half-way in...but it's all about the music and emotion, man!)




...some pics for those who can't be bothered with a 2 min video...


One of the changes I made to Tron Legacy "End of Line" pup-pack... Mode "Intro" videos.

In the previous Max Pack, each mode would start with a long "Intro" video, and just keep that video looping continuously during the entire mode. I've never been a fan of that (unless it works well like ATC mode on Aliens FX3 pack), as it makes everything way too busy, and Jackpots and other video events just blend in and don't stand out. More isn't always better.

So now I have shorter Intro videos play only once (with animated text), and then you will see the default backglass, but now with the Mode Text on the bottom and the coloured neon border and flares still showing for the mode. Since this pack doesn't use an Overlay image (can't do the neon flares that way)... this needed to be baked into the videos. This makes for a more "clean" look, and is really how I wanted this pack to originally look.









Another addition to Tron Legacy: "End of Line" pup-pack, was adding some missing videos such as Ball Saved (now on the backglass), TILT, more Drains, and more Game Starts, and more Attract mode Trailers.












This PuP-Pack will be replacing the current "Max Pack".

It is designed for 3 screen users (with an LCD screen DMD),  or 2 screen users who have a real DMD. The backglass portion of the pup-pack won't be able to display a virtual DMD, due to using two fullscreen video layers. The optional Topper videos will also need a dedicated space / screen as well.

Those users who don't have a dedicated space for a DMD, will need to use the older "2 on 1" or "3 on 1" packs.


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This videos shows the dramatic difference between using PuP-Tracks for OST Stereo Hi Quality Movie music vs the original SAM System 22000 Hz Mono music. Some of the PuP-Tracks music is the same as the SAM original (but better quality and in stereo), whereas some game modes use completely different OST music, making for a more cinematic experience.


Also, you get different OST music tracks for each new game you start…or you can add your own easily.


All game modes are shown with “Original” and “New OST Music”.





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After a long time... I'm finally back at doing a FP table DOFLinx update! This time for SLAMT1LT's Ultimate Pro edition of Rom's Jaws table for Future Pinball.

The regular DOF toys, buttons, flashers, shaker, gear, fan, beacon, strobe, MX Leds, etc are all in there!

I also have a brand-new PuP-Pack for the table that includes SSF (surround sound feedback).

Here are some preview pics of the Pup-pack!

This table is VERY different than any previous Jaws tables out there.

Many more modes (Panic Alarm, Shark Cage, Pond, KILLER SHARK, Barrel MB, Orca MB, Jaws MB, Kill Jaws, etc)... Civilians (balls) can get Eaten during different modes and affect bonuses that can be used in your next game...a new (Walking Dead LE style) Harpoon Launcher, and more!

Over 200 videos (timed to match the in-game voice overs, etc), Topper videos that give animated instructions for gameplay during each mode, and 80+ PuP SSF 3D positional sounds.

This is for version 1.02 of the table. I'm waiting for 1.06 of the table to drop (which looks better and has more stuff), and then I'll add this to that table and add the new content from that table update to this pup-pack.

For those wondering... this table requires the newest BAM, and uses the newer Dynamic physics (so it plays much better than normal FP), better lighting, shadow maps, and more. You will need to use a program (like cmdow) to "hide" your FP backglass in a cabinet setup (because this pup-pack uses multiple layers)...but I'll show you how (it's easy).

Good news...it can work for desktop users too! You simply need to force FP to a Borderless Windowed mode (I'll show you how, again easy) to allow the pup-pack to play on top of the FP window.


























For more info on SLAMT1LT's current and upcoming releases, goto his website here:


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...and here's a bunch of quick video demos (of the table and pup-pack) showing the main modes in the game, including the end mode!

Harpoon, Killer Shark and Game Over


Panic Alarm (quick demo)


Shark Cage


Pond, Civilians Eaten and Random Clips


Orca MultiBall


Barrel Multiball


Jaws Multiball


KILL JAWS! (currently 1.02 ending. This will change with 1.06 and higher)


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Some people still aren’t sure about what settings to use for BAM for POV and Lighting for Future Pinball Ultimate Pro tables. This video shows what settings I’m using for Jaws Ultimate Pro 1.07, as well as the Bump Mapping update.





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I made a short gameplay demo of Robocop Ultimate Pro (for FP) in 4K 60 fps. 

It nicely shows off FP-BAM's newer Lighting, Shadows, RGB Inserts, Bump Mapping and more very nicely. This is how FP is "supposed" to look with the correct POV and Lighting. Love this table!

Pardon my bad gameplay...I played this game on my TV with it displayed sideways. 1f642.png?_nc_eui2=AeEDGwEXKL6cOOITscLUx



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Bam New Renderer (Bump Maps & Lighting) vs Future Pinball's Original Renderer.

This video shows the dramatic difference BAM's renderer, bump mapping and lighting can make.

Bump Mapping isn't a "new" feature for BAM, but it wasn't until recently that any tables made good use of it. Most of SLAMT1LT's Ultimate Pro tables are now using Bump Maps.




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