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I have been busy working away at helping with the testing and development of the new PinUP Player. Today I created a demo video showing off PuP's new features with a few different tables on different systems. One of these tables is Aliens Pinball FX3, and another is Future Pinball Tron Legacy DOFLinx: MX PuP Edition. The first table is Avatar VPX showing off a PuP-Pack created by NailBuster and xkane47. The last shows off my updated Tron Legacy PuP-Pack Edition of the VPX table.  The very end of the video shows a special use of DOFLinx for MX Leds and PuP in a non Pinball game.  smile.png


The Aliens FX3 demo shows off the new PuP-Pack active Video Backglass and Topper I created for the table....but it also shows off DDH69's excellent MX Leds effects for the table in action as well!


The Future Pinball Tron Legacy DOFLinx: MX PuP Edition demo shows off DOFLinx triggering MX Leds effects but also shows how DOFLinx is used to trigger PinUP Player for active Video s for the Backglass and Topper screens.


The Aliens PuP-Pack is still WIP, but it has some cool stuff!



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Here you go guys. My 3 part video for PinUP Player setup and install. I go through and show EVERYTHING you need to do for setup BEFORE you install PuP. Then I show the entire install and configure process. Then I explain the features and demonstrate a test for each system. I highly recommend watching the entire 3 videos to better understand how it all should be setup, and how PuP works.

Part 1: Setup your System BEFORE installing PuP

Part 2: Install and Configure PuP. Explain features.

Part 3: Demo and Test of each Pinball system that works with PuP.


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Here's a video (featuring my new Tron PuP-Pack) demonstrating PinUP Players' new WIP features such as Overlay and Underlay support both of which can be changed by any trigger (note the NEON colours change for MB modes,etc).

It also shows the new Splash Video function (plays a new video then returns to previous video instead of stopping it), as well as using StopFile to stop only specific files that may be playing, or StopPlayer to stop all videos on a screen.

So you have a DMDExt DMD overtop an Overlay still image, which is over top of two Topper video layers, and a Backglass layer which uses an Underlay still image as well. NOTE: this PuP-Pack is for those who don't have a 3rd screen DMD or real DMD. Until these new PuP features came along, this wasn't possible! Two other PuP-Packs will be made for the other setups!


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