Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

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1 hour ago, tjc02002 said:

the reason I bring this up is because I emailed the supplier I used for my first set of panels to get some more and he said he only has 1/32 scan being produced now. im sure I will find 1/16. quick search came up with this for 1/32:

Its really no big deal just curious. you guys are doing an awesome job with this!

I think what he is trying to tell you that he is only selling the 160x160mm and not the 80x160mm anymore. The 160/160 panels are 1/32 scan but to big for the use with pinball machines.

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New version V.2.40 with minor fixes

- fix bug in palette switching
- improve dump routine on slow USB connection

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