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[New B2S Alert] Doctor Who (Bally 1992)

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Drs show on dmd for 3 screen ...I can move them back to the main screen were i had them before...was just trying to do something different



@stat ..   i will make it bigger....I dont use 2 screen so i dont pay much attention to it   :(

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Thanks for ALL the nice Back glasses
For a 3 screen setup It works perfect.... I used a separate ScreenRes.txt file for this
game to make the size I need it.... I already had the latest B2S Backglass Server
on my computer but that does not have the latest file..
I updated with the B2SBackglassServerEXE from here everything works great




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Just what the Doctor ordered ;-)

It's perfect Wildman - thank you so much. Finally I can play this table choosing the doctors which actually has a purpose to the rule set !

Sorry about the crappy mobile picture though. Doesn't really show off how nice this db2s actually is.


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Hmm. If it comes out right away like that you I believe it would be because you've extracted one of those altcolor archives or a while ago played with *.dmc files. Or, of course, you could have set the rom to use colorand then adjusted at least one of the default colors to blue :) At least that scene looks good !

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I haven't played with the *.dmc files myself. But, it is more or less the same as pin2dmd.pal files. Files that you can put into VP that tells you what colors to use. Let's call it "the old way". As I expected, it is kind of a fluke that your display for the picture you took looks as good as it does. The scene looks to me to only be using 2 colors as you took the picture and the default orange looks nice over the blue. In other scenes I don't expect it too look as nice. Orange, Purple, Blue and Black doesn't always mix that well :) I tend to look at the table. Pick a color as the master and "guess" what would fit, not staying too far away from the first color used. I almost always leave the last color to black though.

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a dmc file is a "registry export and save" of your PINMAME color profiles using SetDMD



if you where to export your color profile for your Doctor Who 

it would save the Or, Pink, Blue, Black (or what ever colors you have) values as a dmc file


since you are using an external DMD dll, you are better of using the pal files, because  if you decide to use dmc files.

You will have to import them One by One. using SetDMD. (and sam dmc  imports don't work on freezys dll).

if you are using Freezys dll,  you should use Gottlieb dmc files  and disable external dll for all Gottlieb games

(gottlieb games don't work on freezys dll)


and FYI

  if you don't like the colors of your current pal file or if you are missing pal files

you can make your own 4 color pal files using the pin2dmd.exe found in this pack

PIN2DMD-master zip




I had to make multiple pal files that where missing from luckys pack


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I tried something with the Colors,, Or/Pu/Bl/Black wasn't the Best at my Screen,
now i using this ... all Colors are from the base Color Palette ...

And Looks like there is a Typo in the Rom at German Text "SPEILFELD", should be "Spielfeld" lol


Edited by stefanaustria
Typo Info in Rom

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