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New Experimental 64Bit Sam Build

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In Game Settings



I haven't tried the PinSound Studio option yet. I've tried a few of the new soundtracks available with the older alt-sound option. There are some really good ones, but some could use some remixing for sound levels. If I understand correctly (and I may be wrong), the PinSound options would allow for some real-time adjustments during play without having to drag all the source files into Audacity or whatever and permanently remix. PinSound Studio should be running in parallel with VPM. Seems like it would be kind of kludgy for a cab, but maybe set-up some hotkeys for service buttons or a wireless keyboard to make adjustments...


Definitely worth it just to be able to try the lost TZ DCS soundtrack. But there is a really good TAF reorchestration and a good IJ one drawn from the Blu-rays and HQ soundtracks from the movies. Really, more users should be trying this feature out. 

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Ok, I've attached the latest VPinMAME64 build. I've at least installed it and ran some tests through setup64, but I'm not quite ready to put it on my cab. Consider this very experimental.


Requires setup64.exe which you can get with the official beta build here:




I'm pretty sure this only works with the x64 build of VP. Link here:




I "think" all of this can now co-exist in the same folders as the standard 32bit builds. But if you don't want to take that chance that something screws up then try a test folder first. Fair warning. Please post some feedback.


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