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Star Trek Stern Not Recognizing St_161 Rom

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I am having this same problem with star trek, mustang pro, and sometimes acdc.   whats the deal with the memory issue???   my roms all check out fine and play fine as long as the table is not in the table folder.  if I launch it while ists on the desktop it works absolutely fine.

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Fixed mustang but not star trek issue ..I changed B2S for this table to run in EXE mode.  I thought I did this before but I guess the settings got erased during an update.  Can anyone tell me how the b2s in exe mode would affect the rom>

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Do you have the latest B2S Backglass server program installed, which was updated July 30th? (Little over a month ago.)

Not sure about it giving rom error, but there are other errors you will run into with newer tables and backglasses, made for the newest Backglass server.

Worth a try...

Find newest Backglass Server program version here....


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