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Pin2000 Fp - Bam - Lwclone - 40/28/17

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Hello everyone,

I am Brazilian and have built some CAB's with future pinball, I am now trying to build a Pin2000 model and want to use the Future Pinball BAM + + Lwclone.


BAM is already running and perfectly configured with the Kinect Xbox 360, I'm still having some trouble with the Lwclone here do not have much facility to purchase an original Ledwiz, so I will try to create the Lwclone with Arduino Mega2560.

Below are some pictures of my three offices that I'm building.


pin2000%201.jpg pin2000%202.jpg pin2000%203.jpg


I used:

Playfield, Panasonic Full HD LED 40 "

Backglass, LG Full HD LED 27.5 "

DMD Projection, LG Monitor 17 "


Processor 3.2GHz Core i5



ATI HD5830 256bit

Kinect Xbox 360




Future Pinball

BAM Actived

Pinball FX




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Hello guys!


I liked many ArtWorks I found here on the forum, but after studying some I ended up making my myself, then follow the result.


My CAB is Pin2000 model, the head of it will have a rubberized finish in red.




My cabinet will have FP, BAM, Ledwiz and Pinball X2.


May the force be with you!

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Cool, didn't go for the dmd reflection?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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