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Compile Pinmame

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That GIT has been removed, now I'm curious as to what was in it.

I've never tried compiling using a free VS edition so I can't help you there.   In the past free VS editions have been missing things like ATL which are absolutely required for VPM.   Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise doesn't even install C++ by default.    B2S, in contrast, is a pretty vanilla Visual Basic.NET app.

I think you need the Windows SDK installed.   I have 8.1.   It's hard for me to tell you what the pre-requisites are since it builds on my machines already.    Then it's just a matter of opening the project and compiling.   For some editions there's a .BAT file you run that converts the project from say 2013 to 2015.    

If you have issues compiling, share the error you're getting and we can try to work through it. 



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I only use free versions of Visual Studio. The ones from 2013 on include ATL. Other prerequisites were documented by toxie at VPF including links if I recall correctly. At this point aside from putting the ancient DirectX SDK in your include paths, compiling VPM with optimizations just works out of the box. I believe Visual Studio will auto install the correct Windows SDK when you open the solution the first time, that is, if it doesn't just get installed along with Visual Studio.

So easy, I can do it.:huh:


I have not tried to build B2S. I did work a little with dmdext earlier this year. It is .NET-based and did not require anything extraordinary to build.

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Step by step:

Dload: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/visual-studio-community-vs.aspx

And: http://www.nasm.us/pub/nasm/releasebuilds/2.12.02/win32/nasm-2.12.02-installer-x86.exe

And: https://osdn.net/projects/sfnet_uw2rev/downloads/DirectX 7 SDK/DirectX 7 SDK/Dx7sdk.zip/

Setup the paths in the visual studio preferences (have the nasm directory in the executables path, and the respective dx7 sdk paths in the include and library).

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