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Pin2Dmd Future Pinball Support

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When I try to download the FP-Intercept.zip file all I get is an empty zip file. Is there somewhere else I can download this from?



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I'm reinstalling my cab with the help of Terry's tutorials and now come to this point to something that worked before on this pc, but not anymore after the reinstall.

I thought it was easy, just download these files and put them in the FP root folder:


Tried other files from VPForums, tried to paste the complete folders instead of the separate files but the PIN2DMD isn't starting.

In between I started some Visual Pinball tables to see if the PIN2DMD is still working, but they worked.

So then I read something about libusb files so also tried to put these files in the SYSWOW64 folder, but then FP is crashing



So downloaded another one, which didn;t gave an error, but still no luck.

Any idea's?


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If you are using Freezy DMD setup

This is a much nicer way of doing it
You have to install pinup popper and player but you can use any front end

Some info if needed

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