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Star Trek (Stern 2014)(85Vett)(Wip)(Fs)(Vp9.9.x Pm5)

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File Name: Star Trek (Stern 2014)(85vett)(WIP)(FS)(VP9.9.x PM5)

File Submitter: 85vett

File Submitted: 29 Dec 2015

File Category: Recreations

Permission to Mod: Yes
ROM Name: 1.61
VP Version: Experimental - PhysicsMod

Uploading this table as a WIP the same as Mustang. This table will never play as it is supposed to until the aux boards are figured out. The upper control gates for the top lanes as well as the coil that shakes the ship are on those boards. As it stands now a shot to the left loop will go all the way around the loop while a shot to the right lane will stop in the pops. Other than this it plays just fine. For the most part there aren't to many times a shot to the right lane would go all the way around in the real table so it's not a show stopper. Just wanted to call that out in case you thought it was a bug in the table.


I also know there is a VPX version out there of ST. This table is just for those that don't have/want VPX. This is a PM5 version. It's not as graphically polished as most tables I've released but it is fully playable.


This is a true WIP so all rights to mod and release are given at this time.


I had help with the color changing code but my helper on that wished to be nameless. You know who you are, and thanks again for the help with it.

Click here to download this file

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Wow, thank you 85vett.

Yeah i forgot all about this table. I have both the vpx and 85vett Metallica's. It's good to see and play each version and make your own decisions on what you prefer.  I still think the physics is better in pm5/vp9.9, where the lighting is better in vp10. I don't think one is way better than the other. I'll probably keep both versions on my cab.


So coolball, are we going to see desktop patches of the new tables on here? I usually port over the tables myself, but yours look better than mine, so I'm waiting and wondering if I should port over tables for myself or wait for you to do it. Call me lazy I guess. ;)

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