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Gamejunky 46/32/dmd Widebody Pinballx Cabinet

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Hi guys. I am extremely late in posting this.

I built this custom Virtual Pinball Cab a while back and didn't get around to posting about it here.  I'm really proud of how it turned out. It runs great and it's a lot of fun to play. I have spent MANY hours researching on the forums learning from many of you. Thanks you VERY MUCH.

So I thought I would share this now.  I will try to give back to the emulation community with any help that I can.


Some of the details....

8 Contactors, Spinner/Shaker motor assembly, Knocker, Gear motor assembly, Analog Plunger with nudge, 10 RGB Led's, RGB flipper and magnasave buttons.

46" 1080p LED table screen

32" 1080p LED backglass screen

Vishay orange DMD connected to a PinDMD2


Here are some videos.  Pics to follow.






Thanks for looking.


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