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Showtime Chicago Coin 1974

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File Name: Showtime Chicago Coin 1974

File Submitter: Itchigo

File Submitted: 24 Nov 2015

File Category: Recreations

Link to B2S: b2s_tag.png
Permission to Mod: Yes
ROM Name: None
VP Version: v9.9.0 - DX9

This is a mod of Compufox's vp8 Dolphin from Pinball Nirvana. I tried to get permission from him, but he's mia. I really have not modified the table anyway, other than rotating it and adding the backglass code. This uses Wildman's backglass from VPU (thanks). Because of the way the table is coded I cannot make it work for more than 2 players. Compufox used the schematic when writing the code, so he's the only one who understands what's going on here. It was a hell of a time, just getting the backglass functions to work. :Whiteflag: Also, I can't seem to disable the popup at the start of the game asking how many balls per game. Enjoy!!

Click here to download this file

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