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Pin2Dmd - Table Support

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I'm looking for the color patch for the Metallica LE. Is this already available?

The palettes should be the same like the one from the Metallica Pro, which is here available, but the software is slightly different. I tried to patch the mtl164le.bin file with the pbm file from mtl164_c but during the macro running in Pinball Browser, there a message pops up: no free memory available or so.




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I almost got everything working,

patched the rom and loaded it in pinball browser with the smartdmd.txt to make sure it was the colored rom.

moved the .dat file to the pin2dmd.exe location.

added the lines in the table script and got that loaded without any errors now.

the last thing I'm stuck on is anytime I patch a rom like shr_141_c to shr_141 and replace it. then try to run the game it says the rom is corrupt, or was not found.



got some patched voice roms a while ago for walking dead and they seemed to work fine. is there a different version of pinmame I need to use?

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yup, disabled. just keeps coming back with terminated before initialized, check rom path or rom file now that I named it the same as what's in the directory.

so when I had it named potc0600af it just says rom not found like suggested. tried three different roms with the same result. I know I'm missing something.


maybe I'll try patching it with the pinball browser next.

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