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Pinball 2000 Cabinet Drawings - Please!

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Hello friends,


I live in Brazil and over two years already built two pinball machines, and every day can improve something on them with the help of everyone here in the forum.


I adopted a new Pinball project and now want to build one in PIN2000 model, the biggest problem is that I could not complete drawing so that I vetorize to cut into CNC.


there is a .JPG file here in the forum to download, but it is in low resolution and missing some measures that are causing me trouble.


I'm trying to rebuild the drawing in AutoCAD, but as lacking measures I am dissatisfied with my own results.


I'd like your help, someone has a complete design to the actual or approximate measures of a Pin2000 cabinet and can send me?


Please, I already have the items for the Construction Builder, will build with BAM and Kinect, LED playfield fullhd 40 "and backglass LED 26".


I appreciate the help of all.

if anyone can help me, post here or send email to douglas.baroni@outlook.com.


Attached send the design I got here on the forum, I would like another version, complete or a version for CNC if someone can provide me.



Thank you !!


May the force be with you! ;)


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