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Zizzle Potc Mini Hyperpin Upgrade Questions (Contactors Etc)

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I am building a new cabinet to replace the Zizzle Pirates of the Caribbean cabinet that has housed my virtuapin for the last few years. I want to replace original Zizzle flipper solenoids I have been using for flipper feedback with contactors, car solenoids, 12v solenoids, or some other feedback type, and add additional bumper and slingshot feedback.


Is there a consensus on the best bang for the buck (I am talking budget pricing here) feedback devices. Also keep in mind this is a 1/4ish scale machine, so feedback doesn't have to be super loud.


I have a sainsmart 8 relay USB board which I understand DOF supports that I plan to drive the devices with.


I am mainly split between car solenoids or 12V china solenoids because I can't seem to find contactors that are inexpensive. Anyone have any suggestions here?







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