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Pin2Dmd Color - Pindmd Compatible Interface With Led Rgb Color Dmd

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Binary and source of the monochrome version for e.g. Stern LED DMD can be found here

First binary of the color version coming soon. I´m currently working on the

color mapping.

PIN2DMD monochrome binary and source

Also waiting for the DMD panel from china



together with the Discovery STM32F4 Board

STM32F4 Discovery Board STM32F407

and a little PCB we can get this thing running for around 100 $

If you want I can provide a pre-release with fixed single color mapping (tinted mode) eg. blue,red ,green with the functionality

like XPIN / Vishay LED DMD connected to PinMame.

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If you just want to test the binary, you need the
ST-Link Utility to upload the binary to the STM32F4 board. 

I currently use female-female jumper cables like these


to connect the display. Pinout is documented in the

main.c of the source package.


If you want to compile your own binary you need to setup

CooCox IDE as described here


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Here is a preview of a first implementation of the colormapping feature. Needs some optimization to improve speed.

Some frames get skipped. You can see the loaded palette on the top of the startup screen.
Currently I use Windows 4bit.

Here is a picture and a video in action with a Stern ACDC ROM.

I like the colored Stern logo.


Stern ACDC Color Video

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Panels have at least the same brightness as Stern or PinLED DMDs 

Colorswitching is now working just fine with no framedrops

Here is a video of first inframe palette switching test. 

As you can see the stern logo switches from color to red back to color

triggerd by the code in the frame.

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SmartDMD frame detection is also done. That means you can use registered version of

pinball browser to colorize your ROM files and PIN2DMD Interface will detect the inframe

coding for the palette.

Next I will implement a upload routine to upload the palette information for the game

you want to play. It will either use the smartDMD.txt file to extract the palette information

or you can send a modified default palette. We also currently test a hash algorithm to

detect frames by MD5 which makes it possible to colorize ROMS which don´t support


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Hi Lucky1


A big thank you for your project that sounds very interesting ;)


So interesting that I opened a topic on a french forum (I don't know if I can put a link), and the members and me would like to invite you on our forum to discuss your project.


On another idea, and I think I know the answer, one of our members asked me if I thought that Pin2DMD will support Pinball FX2.

I answered I didn't think so, as Zen Studios doesn't support the "pindmd library" and uses their own code.


Could you confirm or infirm our thought please ?





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