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[Vp10] Stones_10_Rtm_1.5_Final.rar

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I got the table to play a few times, but then the same issues started occurring. There is a buzzing sound sometimes, or there is a ball on the left side of the apron or the backglass crashes. I have hundreds of other tables installed and never had any issues like this. I am on a 3 screen cab with VPinmame SAM 3.1 with colorization support and freezy dmdext. I tried disabling dmdext and use normal VPinmame SAM 3.1, but still got the same issues.

I tried outhere's download and installing new VBS script but am still seeing the same issue. Says "locating pinballs" when I try to start a game. I can actually hear the pinballs roll around when the table loads.

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