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Mini Cab 22/15/7

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I was cleaning up and noticed I had some surplus parts left over from building my fullsize cabinet, so I decided to build a half scale cabinet with the parts.


I started with Mameman's Willams Standard cabinet plan and scaled it down.  The widened the cabinet to fit the 22" playfield monitor that I had.  I also widened to backbox to accommodate the hinges.


I bought some foam core and did a mock up to see how it all looked and how the monitors fit.




Everything moc'd up well, so off to Lowes I went for some plywood.  I picked up a sheet of 3/4" Maple(no birch, maple this year) plywood.  Spent a Saturday afternoon creating the cabinet.






Added a tilting tray for the playfield.  First attempt:








I used Williams' backbox hinges and cut them down.

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Did you end up finishing this? Would be keen to see and hear how it went.

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Wow!!Super Job!

I wanna make a mini virtual pinball max playfield 24".....

Please can you give me cabinet plans with measures ???

Thanks a lot!!

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