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Doesn,t Appear The Menu 1,2,3 When I Exit Of Hyperpin

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I have a problem exiting of Hyperpin with Esc key and others keys of keyboard.

I have installed FPLaunch  1.295 10 WIP in my pc with a interface usb like this:




I have configurated all buttons in my virtual pinball with JoyToKey 3,74 program of this way:




I have changed the Esc key in the button 5 by the key e because produced conflict with the B2S files.


But always that I exit with the button 5 pressing three seconds, appears the menu of Visual pinbal and this screen,the menu of 3,2,1 doesn,t appear:




I have changed in the Settings.ini the Exit key and nothing always appears that menu and if I have pressed three seconds the button 5 doesn,t nothing.






Instead if I press three seconds the key e of a keyboard that I have connected in the virtual pin if appears the menu of 3,2,1 and exit perfectly.


Does anyone know why doesn,t work the menu of exit of Hyperpin when I press the button 5 and if works when I press the key e of keyboard?

I don,t find where can be the issue.

Here you go also the log file :


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You have to put this on settings.ini :


exitkey = e

exitkey1 = joy 5


It will don't work until you do it because you are using a joypad.

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