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Hello, I have to ask because I haven't found anyone else using this method: 

I've got 8 contactors 230vac laying around, and it seems to be a pain in the *** to find 12vDC.

But I have found cheap relays with a 12vdc coil that can handle up to 250v 10A. It is pretty simple to connect them to each other.

12vDC to the relay triggers the 230v contactor, I have tried it and they are really fast, with no noticeable delay.  So am I missing something?  

If not - do I have to use diodes on the contactors, when they aren't really connected to the LedWiz? Diods on releys?  

I´m planing to use 500 mA fast blow fuses to all outputs on the LedWiz, is that the way to go? 



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No you don't need diodes when connected to a relay.

But it is good to use it anyway. If i remember correct the back-emp could cause buildups on the contacts in the relay over time.


but wait... you are using ac for the contactors? Then skip the diodes.


And the relays don't need to be able to handle 10A. The contactor coil does not draw that much. Otherwise you would only be able to run one contactor on a single

power outlet ;) I don't think they draw more than a 100mA or around that.

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