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Ripley's Believe It Or Not Dof Issue

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Hi I have a little issue in jpsalas cabinet 912 FS ripley's believe it or not table.

I have about 30 tables and problem with no one.

When I start table and insert coin every led and strobe start (think Is correct) but start to hit also knocker continuously. It stops only if I play or exit table.

This happens only if I play with 320 roms (ripleysf (French), ripleysi (italian)...) but if I play with rom 310 or 302 dof doesn't work (not only knocker every wire of ledwiz)

I check all the script and I think it's correct (apart DMD rol and b2s.server I changed anything else).

In other forum topic table other people have this issue.

Could be the dof config.ini?

Thanks to all

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