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Road Race (gottlieb 1969)(v1.0)(dt)(99x) & (phys5)

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File Name: Road Race (Gottlieb 1969)(v1.0)(DT)(99x) & (Phys5)

File Submitter: Dazz

File Submitted: 05 Jan 2015

File Category: Recreations

Permission to Mod: Yes

ROM Name: N/A - EM game

VP Version: v9.9.0 - DX9

Gottlieb's Road Race (1969)

Table primary build/scripted by Loserman!

Thanks to the following for their contributions (whether they know it or not!)

If I have missed anyone, let me know as this table would not exist without the folks in the community.

Dazz - Playfield resources

Freneticamnesiac - Playfield redraw (not used on this particular version)

Grizz - Playfield and plastics redraws

JPSalas - gameroom backdrop and methods gleaned from his fantastic tables

EalaDubhSidhe - table object templates

Black - HS save/load routines

Itchigo - table templates which gave me ideas on how to accomplish what I wanted in this table

CONRAM - various code ideas learned by tracing through code on his tables

akiles50000 - for that totally awesome tutorial on table building. So much stuff I now understand because of the work put into this tutorial

Inkochnito - scorecards/instruction cards

Pinuck - Gottlieb chimes and score motor routines

Herweh - directB2S designer and tools

JimmyFingers - rolling ball and other objects' sound routines

Bendigo - routines for rotating arrow target

Arngrim - DOF scripting!

Message from Dazz - Thanks to loserman76 and everyone for helping out with this build weather they know it or not. This game has been noted as one of the worst pinball games by Gottlieb. For the complete story about why this game means a lot to me check out my post on BYOAC.

Click here to download this file

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