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Indiana Jones (2008) (Stern) (Freneticamnesic) (Rascal) (1.0) (Hv) (Physmod5)

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File Name: Indiana Jones (2008) (Stern) (freneticamnesic) (Rascal) (1.0) (HV) (Physmod5)

File Submitter: Rascal

File Submitted: 28 Dec 2014

File Category: VPU Patch - Hybrid View Tables

Modified by: Rascal

Original Table Author: freneticamnesic

Original Table Version: 1

Original Table Download:

This is a patch to convert freneticamnesic's 2008 Stern Indiana Jones to the hybrid view. A big thank you to freneticamnesic for letting me convert this fine table.

The file contains the .dif file used to patch the original table. Get the original table from the link posted on this page lower right.

Use the VP Patcher System to create the modified HV version. The VP Patcher can be found here.


Click here to download this file

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to Fren & Rascal :


not sure is this was pointed already, but my son told me that the RED bumper is missing in the script (its "working" on the table but without doing nothing for the game)



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Eagle eye'd observation..... 

 open the script, change line 161 to this:


after line 781 add this:

      Sub Bumper3b1_Hit:vpmTimer.PulseSw 33:PlaySound SoundFX("bumper"):End Sub

Sorry about that! :)

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