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Mystery Castle (Alvin G 1993) (Physmod5) (Fs) (Gtxjoe)

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File Name: Mystery Castle (Alvin G 1993) (Physmod5) (FS) (gtxjoe)

File Submitter: gtxjoe

File Submitted: 23 Dec 2014

File Category: Recreations

Link to B2S: b2s_tag.png

Link to Media Pack: mediapack_tag.png

Permission to Mod: Yes

ROM Name: mystcasa

VP Version: Experimental - PhysicsMod

Welcome to the Mystery Castle of... DOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!

After launch, hit the right ramp repeatedly for skill shot awards

Hit the flashing ITEM insert to start mode and hit flashing ramps to score

Hit the left standups to keep the left outlane kicker (Catapult) enabled

Potion item activates the SECRET DOOR (left loop) and SKULL mode

Megamode starts 2 ball multi-ball

Complete T-R-A-P to light Mystery

Must be played in the dark! Well not really, but you should :)

This table must be played with Physmod5.exe and download newer version of vpinmame if you have issues with mystcasa rom

Note: If you have no background music, try playing table with mystcast ROM and then switch back to mystcasa ROM

Special Thanks to:

TAB, TomDK - playfield image

ssbodyman - restoration pics and scans

freneticamnesic - billboard primitives and GI lighting approach

arngrim - awesome dof config, vpinmame support

wildman, dboyrecords - backglass support

fuzzel, toxie, mukuste, etc - VP, Vpinmame development

Click here to download this file

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Thank you for this pretty cool table GTXJOE. Never played the real one, but it's fun!


Ok, did some research on pinside. Only 217 ever produced, an HUO of this PIN goes for 6K easy. Very nice to play this hard to find pin.

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Hmmm, Try shifting that ramp left or right a touch, XLramp2.  Or delete the Rampceiling which covers that ramp.  If still not working, delete the right ramp as a test, xRamp8


Gotta love PM5...

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Got lucky on this table - had unpopulated playfield, scans of the ramp stickers and restoration pics that had the plastics visible


I hope to get some some backglass pics this weekend from the owner that gave me the scans

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