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Please Help - Safecracker German Sound Rom - Problem

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Hi all,


please help, i am at my end, i tried everything.


I will get the Safecracker Table to work with the German Sound File from ipdb.org

I do Change the File to safsnds2.rom and put it into sc_18s2.zip

Sure, i changed this in Table Script too.


First time i start the Table, the Sound AND Voice "Candy here, you have 45 Minutes ... blabla", is in German !

After i quit VP and later, i start the Table again ... nothing, i can hear only Gamemusic, the Voice is away ...


I can see, the NVRam ( sc_18s2.nv ) have a newer Date, i think, anything overwrite it, and lost the Sound Option.


I have German Voice "Candy" only onetime. Do i made a copy of my .nv, and later rename it back to sc_18s2.nv, it works again.


Atm. i use VP 9.9 and the latest VPM ( for use with WPT )


What is the Problem here ?

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VPinMame, at Default Options, uncheck "Skip Pinball Startup Test" and "Ignore ROM CRC Errors", and the Sound/Voice in German remains.

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