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Plans: Williams Std Body Cabinet Plans

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Hi mameman,


I have a couple of questions/remarks about the design.


- Is the back of the backbox supposed to be aligned with the back of the cabinet? So there is a 20mm open in front? Why is that? What happens if you tilt down the backbox?


- Most panels seem to be made with a thickness of 18mm in mind, but the "cabinet front" and "cabinet back" measure 558mm width (620mm of cabinet bottom breadth - 2x 19mm)


- The cabinet fits together with the front, back and side panels around it (not on it), but the "Cabinet Back" is only 587mm instead of 605mm, it seems like you are subtracting a thickness, but I can't figure out why.


- There's a typo on the second page, it says Widebody instead of Std.


Thanks for taking the time to create the dimensions!



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Quick question - are the mounting holes for the legs accurate? Looking at picture, the legs mount higher in the front of the cab to give it a tilt (just eyeballing it, the bottom hole would actually be the top hole at the front)


And does anyone have the new Stern backbox dimensions? 


To answer kevinvw's question (because I was curious myself), the backbox leaves a gap in the front 


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