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Play Sounds On Event

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that is something i and swisslizard are willing to do, we thought about it for quite some time.

we want to on the fly replace the original sounds by the pinsound sounds based on the id sound that pinmame is sending.

the other thing that i am quite excited about it, if we know which sound id is played when, we can even think of mapping dof events to these id.

imagine, you play taf or whatever, you want a special effect on jackpot, we could map an effect on the jackpot sound id!

why is it not concretized yet? we need to extend b2s.server, and herweh has the source code, at some point, he accepted to give it to swisslizard, but after months, nothing has been sent to us..

swisslizard has a clear idea on how to extend b2s.server, he extracted all the pinsound collections and knows the way the sounds are mapped in order to use them with vpm and b2s.server, just we need the b2s code and herweh hasn't give sign of life to us for quite some months about it :(

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thats the problem I didnt want to programme a Proxy for an proxy thats supports plugins but when i didn`t become the informations from the b2s and the programmer  has no fun to make it in future and don`t give the surcecode to the comunity we must programm a new server but then we to reinvent the wheel.



The sam is i dont understand that the b2s settings must be in the table folder can`t we make it like DOF a Link to the config folder so i can share my setup with my firends and we can work all with the same setup. 


it is the new way or what ? we all want make things better but when we didnt make it with open source i take years to become what we want - what we need


the b2s is perfect i idn`t know why the unity pinball didnt use it.

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