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Hyperpin Not Showing Fp Tables

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I have this problem allready a long time and never found out how to get it working.

Don't play FP a lot so it wasn't a big problem but now i am busy with it again.

Have installed the WIP10 but that didn't solve a thing have even tried PinballX today and it also didn't show the FP tables although the path is ok and have it on true.

Does anyone have an idea where to look or do i have to put my xml files online?

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Well i thought i started all over and created 2 new xml files with only 1 game in each.

Still only showed VP and the i set VP to false and the it showed the Fp table.

Strange but i had progress but when i put VP to true i saw the VP table again but not both arghhhhhh.

Well i then noticed that at the top of the settings.ini from HP was something about version and a another line Visuall Pinball

I deleted the info in those lines and guess what now the FP and the VP table appeared in Hyperpin.

Pfffff it's mice stuff Hyperpin but it can also cause al lot of frustration sometimes.

It also happend in Pinballx by the way so it was i think probably something in the xml but very strange and not showing.

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