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File Name: Hearts_and_Spades_Gottlieb_1965_DT_LX

File Submitter: fratazzo

File Submitted: 20 May 2014

File Category: Recreations

Permission to Mod: Yes

VP Version: v9.9.0 - DX9

Hi all,

Since i love old and older EM's, I thought I'd share this table, hoping that someone like!

I "built" the FS version, and a friend asked me the desktop: voilĂ ...

Needs VP990, and the font provided in the ZIP file (Gottlieb score).

With VP921 there are some graphics problems and the em reel can't display right.

To enter initials for the high score use flipper buttons to choose letters, plunger to confirm letter, and start to terminate.


Click here to download this file

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