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Baseball (1970) (Gottlieb) (Rascal) (Sabbat) (1.0) (Hv)

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File Name: Baseball (1970) (Gottlieb) (Rascal) (Sabbat) (1.0) (HV)

File Submitter: Rascal

File Submitted: 11 Jan 2014

File Category: VPU Patch - Hybrid View Tables

Modified by: Rascal

Original Table Author: Sabbat

Original Table Version: 1.0

Original Table Download: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=6074

This is a hybrid view version of Sabbat's recreation of a 1970 Gottlieb Baseball machine. Thanks to Sabbat (Freddie) for permission to make this mod.

I added GI lighting and Sabbat did some physic tweaks to the flippers and the inlane rails. It is now easier to shoot the vari-targets.

The file contains the .dif file used to patch the original table. Get the original table from the link posted on this page lower right.

Use the VP Patcher System to create the modified HV version. The VP Patcher can be found here.

Click here to download this file

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If you have errors the first time you run this because there is no highscore then place this in the sub routine that is causing the error at the top.


On Error Resume Next


This will allow the program to continue. After it stores your first high score it will be fine.

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