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Found 5 results

  1. View File TABLE STARTER VPX template for beginners , table starter with counting points Submitter fastdraw Submitted 11/02/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod No VP Version v10  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    template for beginners , table starter with counting points
  3. The FPx template engine was designed to replace the stock New_table template built into FP. It fixes a lot of bugs, adds the missing features, and includes additional features like a true bonus countdown and multiball support. It was designed and structured to be as easy to use as possible even by absolute beginners, with a built in tutorial that explains the basic scripting concepts remarked right in the script. This template uses the same exe (Zed x64 version) and the default XML physics used by BAM as the upcoming unified FP/BAM installer, but should work fine with minor adjustments with other physics packages. This uses stock FP models and textures, just consider this a far more complete new table version than the original. This is the perfect package for beginners to get their feet wet, either for FP or down the road VP, as it's a learning template as well as a full featured engine to drive your own releases or to use as a prototype board to test out designs or new ideas. Screenshot shows the built-in debug system
  4. Version 1.0.0


    We all hate scripting. In fact most people (like 99.99 % of the entire planet) when they look at a bunch of code, find it so intimidating and complex that they won't even try. Others just don't even have the time to learn how to script, it's months of study and learning. The biggest problem with Future Pinball (and especially VPX now) is the scripting, it was always the scripting, and will be the scripting in the future. The FPx template is designed to replace the stock New Table template in Future Pinball. This one will be aimed right at beginners, in fact, with luck, it may work exactly like the Pinball Construction set. This not only fixes the bugs and incompleteness of the New_table template, it also adds more features that every beginner would want, and then presents it in such a way to make it as easy to use as possible. It is so easy to mess up a script, especially the high level code of a scoring and logic template. Even advanced coders can mess up pretty easily, because all the code is MIXED IN together. FPx divides the script in to 2 parts, with the first part a user section, and the second portion the actual engine. The engine contains "Hooks" to the user section, this allows just about everyone to make simple changes without needing to touch the engine at all, and yet be able to use one of the most powerful, full featured engines available for Future Pinball. The FPx template is designed for those who want to get their feet wet with scripting, and yet has all the power and features for Intermediate coders to use. This template was written using zed physics 64 bit exe, as opposed to the stock futurepinball.exe, as part of the unified FP installer system shortly available with BAM included. Here's a list of features: ' 4 players support ' Bonus count up to 159, bonus multiplier up to 15x ' Replaced tilt system with a custom plumb bob tilt setup ' Added Variables for easy settings. balls per game, bonus, replay scoring etc ' 2 ball multiball ' Player memory system that requires typing in one line of code per light ' ball save, extra ball, special and jackpot support ' Complete routines included for all aspects of arcade tables, from power up, light Attract mode to a match feature ' Initialization, Light Attract, Match routines all ready included ' easy control of lights for Light Attract and game play, no typing required ' Pause key plays tune ' 9 element x4 translight display, Hud display x2 A.N.D. (Alpha Numeric Display) to support up to Williams System 11 ' HUD display can be hidden or shown using the default HUD key set in the editor (Usually the tithe key, just below the esc key) ' Pre-set unified Bally type scoring ' Debug system variable for code testing in place. press F9 key at editor. Also writes to text file during debug mode to track code ' Special HUD displays for debug mode, shows bonus etc ' background music support ' Solid State and A.N.D. support HUD display ' Preset feature scoring Extra ball/Special etc with just one line of code ' Easy Beginners Fail safe system. All access needed for easy modification of the engine in ONE place without needing to touch the engine code ' You can add/remove/replace lights, sounds, change the display, adjust timers etc through this one setup ' Code is heavily remarked, and teachs you new methods as you work your way down the hit code ' Engine is fully automated as possible, so no need to touch the engine code, no rocket science degree needed. ' A brief tutorial is included in the script, at the very bottom
  5. Wanted to start a new topic to discus the premise of saving all files for each table into a structured template folder structure. I am new to all this having a cabinet with screen, backglass and dmd. I find it very strange that so many people have to put in the same bunch of effort to get table/s working, sometimes with issues or needing to rename files and/or edit scripts. I have created an empty folder structure matching all of the many hard drive locations that you have to copy all of the various files to. When I go to add a new table I duplicate the template folder structure as the TABLE_NAME and copy each of the various files that are often located on a total of three web sites to each of the folders that the files would need to be placed "not in the actual location, but the same duplicate structure under the table name". Then once I have all of the files i simply copy the contents to the location that I have all of my software installed to (i describe it this was as some people change the default location, for example something like c:\pinball\). I also make a text file so I can copy and paste from it for xml or script etc for files that need to be appended to file. My point / idea is that once one person has done this then the entire folder structure raw or zipped could then be uploaded and then downloaded by a member = copy paste, merge files, new table works. Over time each table could be added to for all setups. *everyone has tones of hdd space so pasting in a DMD or frontend that you may not need really does not matter. There are many smart people on this forum and I could see over time a process that could even cater for all software versions and hardware setups. Is anyone interested in the concept ? Does anyone have ideas or suggestions regarding this...
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