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Found 20 results

  1. Version 1.2.3


    All DMD Images have the Resolution 1280 x 320
  2. I inserted an RGB LED into my launch ball button so now i can have 3 colors for 3 different modes PinballX and VP10. The issue I have is this: I want green to be PInballX start button, Red for VP10 Launch Ball, and Blue for VP10 Fire button but the start button in PinballX is to launch a table and the start button in VP10 is to start a game. Could the PinballX Start be moved over to the Launch Ball button for DOF? In the few vpin cabs I have seen, these are the same keyboard inputs and physical buttons. Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. I have my system fully functional using Visual Pinball but when I use PinballX my addressable LED strips (2) one each side are not working, everything else works in Pinballx including rear flasher bar. Of course I am not an expert on the coding or xml, I do see there is an error loading the plugin in the log but can’t figure out how to fix it. I can register the object in Direct Output, I run the plugin manager in PinballX and it shows up but when I go to Configure it gives me an error that it can find path. I am sure this is something simple but I just need another set of eyes to look at it. I have attached files and logs. As always thanks to everybody for your help! Scott. PinballX.ini PinballXlog.txt PinballX DirectOutput Plugin.log DirectOutput.log Cabinet.xml directoutputconfig.ini directoutputconfig30.ini
  4. Please someone save me some time and point out something I might have missed.... I have a cab up and running, so I copied all the video files from FX2, FX3, VP, and VPX to a new computer build. Installed (what I think) are all the programs and stuff needed, then put all the videos in the proper media folders within PinballX. The FX2 and FX3 vids all play fine, but the VP and VPX vids do not play scrolling through the front end. I've been searching for the answer for a week now and can't find what I did different the first time. I have FFMPEG and such in the Pinballx folder, downloaded some LAV files and threw them in PinballX as well, nothing is helping. I'm sure it's written somewhere on how and what to do, but everyone sets these up a little different and it seems there's always one switch I forget to switch then MAGIC! PLEASE let me know what dumbass move I've done if you can tell from this description. Thanks!!!
  5. As of a few weeks back, I noticed that several of my toys, noticeably my knocker, are firing randomly while in PBX. Is that a new feature or something I should troubleshoot ? Ideally, I'd like only lights to fire... thanks.
  6. Laylow

    This is

    Version The End


    Topper collection (1920x822) New cab, no topper anymore, so this is it..
  7. Laylow

    This is

    Version the End


    I'm done, collection ended..
  8. So I have been working vigorously to get my cabinet set up as completely as possible. I have been going through and removing duplicate tables and trying to make sure I have all media - wheel images, flyers, company logos. And the latter is where I'm suddenly having an issue. I decided that I wanted to be as thorough and exacting as possible, so instead of just having a single company logo for each manufacturer I have logos corresponding to the specific time period that the machine was created. I differentiate them by giving them unique names. The following are some examples. Bally Bally Manufacturing Company / Bally Manufacturing Corporation / Bally Midway Manufacturing Company / Bally Midway Manufacturing Company Gottlieb D. Gottlieb and Company (Gottlieb) / D. Gottlieb and Company, Columbia Pictures / D. Gottlieb and Company / Premier Technology (Gottlieb) Stern Stern Electronics, Incorporated / Stern Pinball, Incorporated / Stern Pinball Williams Williams Electronics Games, Incorporated / Williams Electronics Manufacturing Company / Williams Electronics, Incorporated This was working in my cabinet for a while but then out of the blue certain manufacturers would show me the "No Image" logo. This may have happened after a program update, but I'm not completely sure. However a computer that I had a a different location for testing and setup while away from the cabinet continued to display the images properly. That is until last night when I updated to PinballX 2.50. Now I'm having the same issue. The strange thing is that my old PinballX.ini which I saved previous to the last update doesn't really appear to have any different settings than the new one (at least not settings that should affect logo display). What's even stranger is that some of the logos still display fine. For instance the Bally and Gottlieb sets seem to all display, while the Stern and Williams don't. Because of this, I can't see a common thread that could be causing the problem. I originally thought that maybe the names were not unique enough, but that would seem to be a problem with the Bally and Gottlieb images if that were the case. I also thought maybe PinballX was having a problem with the commas in the names, but again, some of the Gottlieb files work fine with commas. When this first happened on the cabinet, I tried shortening the names to abbreviations. I tried SEI and SPI for Stern Electronics Incorporated and Stern Pinball Incorporated and the images still wouldn't display. I'd really like to get this resolved as I have put a lot of time into finding/making the unique company logos and researching to proper logo associated with each machine. Additionally I did a bit more testing that has really left me confused. One of the tables that isn't displaying the company logo is America's Most Haunted. It is the only table that uses the 'Spooky Pinball, LLC' logo. I tried changing the name to simply 'Spooky' and updated the XML. It still wouldn't display. So I tried changing the <manufacturer></manufacturer> entry to one of the Gottlieb logos and it displayed fine. This leads me to believe that the problem has to do with the logo file itself and not the name. This is odd for two reasons. First, the logos were working fine a couple of days ago. Second, they don't seem to be any different than the logos that are working. All logos are what I would consider standard PNG files. I even tried opening the logo in GIMP and reexporting it with the usual PNG settings and still no luck. Thanks, J
  9. Hi guys hoping you can help me with some final tweaking on my pinball cab. I have a 3 screen setup and running custom videos on my third monitor DMD screen whilst browsing FP tables in PinballX, they are movie trailers or cut scenes to match the table. This is working fine, my issue is that when I launch a FP table the videos freezes and just displays a black screen for the DMD for the whole time the table is running. I want the video to continue playing the looping video whilst the table is running if possible, can this be done? I`m not using Future DMD at all, do I need to run the videos through Future DMD or something? I have "hide DMD" un-checked in PinballX table manager which I thought allowed DMD/Backglass videos to continue playing on table launch. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance!!!
  10. How can i get the PBX browsing feedback working with teensy leds? I have the solenoids working for left and right flipper in PBX but no leds. It seems to me that the DOF plugin is not running right in PBX, because in the B2S Screen i can not open the DOF plugin Settings. (Inside VP i can select this button.) The PinballX DOF plugin is activated in PBX. The Globalconfig_PinballX.xml and DirectOutput PinballX Plugin.dll is inside PinballX plugin directory. My DirectOutput folder is on drive F:\DirectOutput. Some people reported a non working dof if the controller id or c:\DirectOutput folder is a little bit different. Also when the XML is pointing to the right path. I have one LedWiz ID 6 and one Teensy No. 30. (directoutputconfig6.ini + directoutputconfig30.ini but no directoutputconfig.ini because i dont have a LedWiz ID1). Is this the problem? Teensy is always No. 30 with the Dof Tool. I have made the 3 RGB addressable Combos like this link: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2695-configtool-big-update-for-teensy-users/ Maybe a wrong folder or a missing INI / XML for the PBX plugin???
  11. Hello everyone First of all, thanks in advance to everyone helping me with this! I've been building a Pinball Cabinet for the past few months and I am getting close to "finishing" it. If you want to check it out, use this link. My Pinball Cabinet (updates to come when everything is working) I am currently experiencing two issues with the Direct Output Framework. One shall be addressed here, the other one in this post: DOF issue #1: PWM-output on 2nd LEDWiz not working correctly I've been trying to solve these issues myself for the past few days/weeks, but failed, since I am not very experienced with DOF yet. I do not know whether these two issues are related. --- DOF issue #2: No flasher-feedback with otherwise working PinballX Plugin - The 5 flasher RGB toys (ports 1-15 on my 1st LEDWiz) do not light up when starting PinballX (with a working plugin installed) as a shell for my current user on my Windows 7 setup. - All other toys or RGB toys connected to my two LEDWiz controllers and configured in the PinballX table in the DOF Config Tool work perfectly / with the other issue mentioned above. Those are: start button, exit button, genre button, wow to play button, coin button, both flipper contactors / and with the other issue mentioned above (only 7 colors): RGB flippers, RGB magnasave Left, RGB magnasave Right and RGB undercab complex. - When running PinballX directly from desktop or any file manager (I like Total Commander) the 5 flasher RGB toys work as intended (show scrolling animation when selecting a different table in PinballX or going up/down in the menu), although the output only starts after about 5 seconds after PinballX loaded. - When running PinballX as a shell, I first have to play a Table that uses DOF in order to get the 5 Flasher RGB toys working in the PinballX frontend (exiting the table back to PinballX, not restarting PinballX). - In PinballX I have «Use DirectB2S in Front End» enabled in order to use the .b2s backglasses when scrolling tables. --- Further information on this issue and my current DOF setup. - I use this DOF R3 Beta version: DOF R3 Beta Build 5812.27024. - I use this B2S Server version: B2S Server. - I use a two identical GlobalConfig files (globalconfig_B2SServer.xml and globalconfig_PinballX.xml) and the ini-Files created by the DOF Config Tool (directoutputconfig.ini and directoutputconfig2.ini), but no Cabinet.xml or dedicated table config files. - For now I only use 2 LEDWiz, which are listed in the «My Account» tab of the DOF Config Tool. A Teensy is supposed to be added soon. --- Help required As stated above, I am not very familiar with DOF yet and don't see a way to solve this issue myself. That's why I need your help and would greatly appreciate it. I feel that this issue, and the other one mentioned above, are limiting my experience while playing my Pinball Cabinet. So, what can I do to help you guys to help me solve these issues? What additional information, logs, xml-Files, ini-Files, screenshots, videos etc. do you need? Or do you maybe already have a solution or know someone who had the same or similar issues? I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks again in advance! --- Best regards from Switzerland fuzgi
  12. Thanks to the great Pin2Dmd and it's Colorprism FW + the custom PinballX dll file (thanks Lucky1), I now can run my custom HULK themed video in color during attract mode where you select the tables. This look so great but I can't really catch it in the clip, but it looks like a blend between the original footage and the filmed DMD. Maybe the light is too strong from the DMD (or my equipment to shitty *lol*) Original movie made in Sony Vegas: Filmed running on my cabs PIN2DMD/rgbDMD : Hope you like it and get inspired make your custom cab vids (and please, post them for us to see) Thanks all involved in this great project and the continuous development of its firmware. Regards /Gustav
  13. Hello, I hope there isn't a general feedback threat for DOF Table Configs - otherwise please append my threat there I am using 5 Flasher and 2 WS2811 Stripes for "PF Back Flasher MX" simultaneous. I noticed that changing tables at PinballX the light direction of the 5 flashers are opposed to the light direction of the "PF Back Flasher MX". Is this intended? Further more: At 5 Flashers the "5 Flasher Left" and "5 Flasher Center" are always flashing both together. Is this intended? Thank you very much! Greetings, BlackZero Edit: I found the solution for my 2nd request. "5 Flasher Left" should have this value for single operation: "$PBXWheelLeft White 80 W80 L2/$PBXWheelRight White 80 W240 L3/$PBXWheelPageRight|$PBXWheelPageLeft White 400 5 L4". I will try to submit this to public. Edit2: Also an easy task to change 5 Flasher direction ^^
  14. Hi! Just want to announce my Launch Audio Project hosted on the PinballX forums >> Link to thread HERE <<
  15. When I load Star Trek and The Sopranos in Pinballx the back glass is black. When I run them in VP10, they show up just fine. I'm only having issues with these 2 tables at the moment but some others may pop up too. Please help. Thanks!
  16. For some reason Pinball X will display the next table in line but will skip over it to the next when scrolling through the front end. I have previously installed this on a second PC without issues but since a rebuild and updated CPU it seems to skip tables. Thoughts/Suggestions?
  17. Version 1.0


    A wheel for Atari's 1979 behemoth "Hercules" table.
  18. Version 1.0


    My 1st attempt at making a wheel image for PinballX. Thanks to LoadedWeapon for the awesome Night Mod!
  19. I have spent days and days on this... tried everything I could think of... searched and searched the web for answers... but I am yet to find the issue. PinballX's attract mode works fine when PinballX is first opened, but once a flipper button is pushed to display a table, that is when attract mode is gone for good. Everything else works, I can play tables from 2 different installs of VP plus my MAME tables. There is no problem selecting, entering and exiting game play at all. ....but the attract mode never restarts. (unless pinballx is reopened from scratch) I hope someone can nudge me in the right direction, as I had very little hair at the start of this issue and really can't afford to be pulling more out. Cheers, Rusty. log.txt
  20. After moving 30 dmd for Visual Pinball and center them on my 3rd screen, I'm ready to prepare the Frontend. Every dmd has been moved and thanks to dmdmover and set dmd I set the right position for every table. Close vp, restart win 8.1, open vp again and play... Every dmd is always there .... Fantastic!! Starting to set pinballx but when I launch a table the dmd is on the play field.... Damn!!!! Try to open vp out of pinballx and dmd is always in play field like if pinballx reset the position of the dmd. It's really frustrating do it again! So I try to set the default position in pinballx setup for dmd but each table needs it's right setting so that's not useful. How did you solve this? I'm ready to spend 250 euro to take home vishay dot matrix dmd if you say that I have to configure nothing!!! Thanks
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