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Found 161 results

  1. Can someone dump Batman Forever?

    I'd like to color BF now that I watched the editor tutorial videos. Would someone be able to dump the BF animations for me? I see a few people have done it in the past. Was hoping there was already one in the downloads section but I didn't see it there.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Lucky1s color work is fantastic! I've been spending quite a bit of time getting all of my DMD displays optimized with your EXTDMD and palletes and wanted to share/contribute. I took his original pack and then organized them by color and found the best stern rom replacements for different color themes and added a bunch of new games. There are about 296 folders in this archive For any replacements, I copied the original pin2dmd in the rom folder as a backup. The stern DMDs, even the not color patched ones look much better I think with these. This set does assume you patched the ones with color rom versions as well. Be sure to backup your altcolor directory to revert any of your customizations.
  3. This is a copy pasta of the pinside thread :/ Hey kids! Malenko here again starting another Pin2DMD colorization. I figured I'd do another WIP thread to keep me motivated to actually finish it. Ive been color masking a ton of stuff, no need or desire to redraw everything like I did with SF2 , the animations in T2 are actually *REALLY* good. I cant even list all the stuff left to do, but I will attach some animations for things that are done. Done so Far: Test Screen GrandChampion Top Marksmen Shoot again words (not the elevator scene yet) Load the Gun Sequence Shoot for Jackpot Sequence HunterKiller crosshair animation HunterKiller explosion (I will probably take the time to draw the HK stuff by hand) T800 with lightning Bolt in attract mode "Color by Malenko" replacing the say no to drugs screen Free Play / Push Start (will change my machine to coins and capture that too) Arnie holding the shotgun (not firing, yet) Credits (with special shout out!)
  4. So started up on Godzilla, just started today. If things need fixed on T2, Lethal Weapon, or Baywatch, this will get put on hold. LW3 and Baywatch are both being privately tested before release. Looks better than having end users beta test "releases" IMO. 5th colorization, Im getting pretty good at these meow. Recording provided by Rappel. More is done than what is shown in the GIFs (15 scenes in total), I've been doing much better at dynamic palette changes which takes much less time than recoloring scenes when it isnt needed.
  5. ok, posting here BEFORE pinside. So after finishing SFII (Gottlieb), Terminator 2 (Williams), I figured its time to tackle a Data East pin! Here is Lethal Weapon 3! Very much a work in progress, but I do have a few scenes done ( more than what is attached here). I'm trying to use color masks and palette changes exclusively, no redraws. There's also another reason for choosing this game. Randy Perlow hired me to color this for ColorDMD, sent me a contract an a W9 form, which I filled out and sent back after purchasing the machine. After I bought the machine, I emailed him for an update on when I'd get the hardware and software to color the game and he replied with this: " Thomas, I previously contacted you regarding ColorDMD’s concerns with your work on an infringing platform and potential harm to its business. At the time you responded that the work was for private use. Since then you have ignored our concerns, and taken action to promote and publicly distribute this work, counter to a ColorDMD new product introduction. As a result, ColorDMD can no longer reasonably expect to conduct business with you in good faith, or entrust you with safeguarding our proprietary information. Regretfully, our offer to work with you as an independent contractor on future titles is withdrawn. Randy Perlow ColorDMD Displays" Which put me on the hook for a machine I really cant afford to own. Im going to knock out this colorization, install the pin2DMD, and hopefully get a bunch of money in donations (spoiler: I wont ) but I'll likely end up selling the machine. Data East Logo: Grab the gun and fire! LW3 logo/shot (all 3 are done) Train shoot animation: And lastly, the shoot out. This isnt 1 sequence, its 6 with a blank red frame between. If you dont get all 6 shots off , you dont see every frame. Score is masked so it should update dynamically. This was a HUGE pain in the dickhole. This colorization is also dedicated to the memory of Nick Wade , who worked on Back to the Future, Batman, Checkpoint, King Kong, Lethal Weapon 3, and The Simpsons.
  6. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Here is a short introduction to the coloring features of pin2dmd with the editor. There are currently three ways to color a animation. All are controlled by keyframes. The first step is to find a keyframe at the beginning of a animation scene which is unique and hits reproducible. To achieve that you can either use a plane or a combination of plane and mask. 1 of 10 masks can be defined to blank out areas which are dynamic and lead to unreproducible keyframes. To use a masked keyframe you have to activate the Mask checkbox choose or edit one of the masks and assign a keyframe with the Mask checkbox activated. If you found a usable keyframe you can use it to either 1. Simply assign a palette (Add PalSwitch) (same color depth as the original) 2. Start playback of a replacement scene (Add FrameSeq) (16 colors) 3. Add content and/or color information to the scene (Add Color Mask) (16 colors) For a PalSwitch you can assign the duration how long the palette should be active until it switches back to the default palette. You can play forward in your recording and press fetch duration at the point you want to switch back to the default palette. You can change the colors of a palette by ctrl clicking in the color you want to change. To generate a FrameSeq you can cut a existing scene using mark start / mark end / cut. Normally the starting point is equal to the picture used for the keyframe. Then you edit the scene with a 16 color palette. You can change everything here To generate a Color Mask scene you also use mark start / mark end / cut and then activate the ColMask checkbox After that you can also use the edit tools, but the content coming from the recording is not editable but you can modify the colors of areas by assigning a different color group. You have 4 groups of 4 colors here. Colors 1-2-3-4 are the standard/original colors. e.g by drawing with color 5,9 or 13 you change the color of pixels having color 0 etc. Since Color Mask needs to be frame sync to the content coming from PinMame/Real Pinball machine it is the most complicated to be used. Preferably use option 1 or 2 and use option 3 only for scenes with dynamic content like score numbers. Since Version 2.8 the recordings can be done with the official vpinmame build by creating a DmdDump folder in the folder where vpinmame.dll is located and activating both Show DMD and Use external DMD in the tables option menu. To load them as a animation in the editor you need to gzip the txt file using e.g. 7zip with gzip as compression method. 7zip can be found here http://www.7-zip.org
  7. Welcome to UncleSash´s offical Pin2DMD order thread! Save money and just buy here in the Forum! All Parts are sold for almost the cost what I have to pay for it! Pin2DMD is invented by Lucky1 and Steve45! Pin2DMD Froum: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/forum/132-pin2dmd/ How to Order: Select your matching Set or ask for a different combination send me a PM with the Set that you want and the destination Country and I will send you a total When you don't know what you need, feel free to ask me with a PM! Shipping: Worldwide with USPS or any Carrierer that you want Payment: How: only with PayPal All Orders have to be paid in advanced when you place your Order! exceptions possible Firmware Version: rev 2.xy (the latest, need activation) - features all new functions for a perfect experience in real Pinball! FW Version 2.x activation or/and Download: have to be made on www.Pin2DMD.com V4 Shield SALE is LIVE! V4 Shield with WiFi and ALL Go-DMD Headers (front): V4 Shield backside: V4 Shield with NO WiFi and NO GO-DMD Headers: V4 Supports XL DMDs for SEGA Machines! Start to Order here: V4 Set 1: Pinball with WiFi !!!V4!!! STM Controller Nucleo, preloaded with latest Pin2DMD Firmware (need activation on Pin2DMD.com) V4 Shield (with parts for Virtual/real Pinball and WiFi) WITH soldering service (up to 14 Days lead time for every soldered set!) costs: 65.00 USD + Shipping V4 Set 2: Pinball NO WiFi !!!V4!!! STM Controller Nucleo, preloaded with latest Pin2DMD Firmware (need activation on Pin2DMD.com) V4 Shield (with parts for Virtual/real Pinball) WITH soldering service (up to 14 Days lead time for every soldered set!) costs: 60.00 USD + Shipping V4 Set 3: DIY - Pinball with WiFi !!!V4!!! STM Controller Nucleo, preloaded with latest Pin2DMD Firmware (need activation on Pin2DMD.com) V4 Shield (with parts for Virtual/real Pinball and WiFi) NO soldering service!!! costs: 60.00 USD + Shipping V4 Set 4: DIY - Pinball NO WiFi !!!V4!!! STM Controller Nucleo, preloaded with latest Pin2DMD Firmware (need activation on Pin2DMD.com) V4 Shield (with parts for Virtual/real Pinball) NO soldering service!!! costs: 55.00 USD + Shipping Plus Shipping costs: 7.50 USD = Shipping inside US with USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box (for one Set, when you have more as one, please ask me for pricing) or Low cost shipping - price depends on weight - very recommend for Orders outside from the US! Frame for P2.5 DMD Panels 128x32 pixel (black acrylic): available Price for one Frame: Frame = 15.00 USD Plus Shipping costs: 7.50 USD = domestic USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days) Small Flat Rate Box (for one Frame, when you have more as one, please ask me) or Low cost shipping - price depends on weight - very recommend for Orders outside from the US! What you still need by yourself: 1x USB 2.0 Cable: Type-A male to Type-B MICRO male, like from your old Android Phone, it is for Data transfer to PinMame or Config Tool 1x USB 2.0 Cable: Type-A male to Type-B MICRO male, like from your old Android Phone, it is for Download the Firmware 1x 128x64 pixel P2.5 RGB 1/16 scan LED Module (2x 64x32 pixel, or 1x 64x64 pixel 1/16 scan to detache them) 5V DC, 5A, 25W Power Supply micro SD Card (1Gb to 16GB ist tested) I think that´s all what you need. The ribbon cables, to connect the display, comes with the display along with Power connectors. Check my Pin2DMD Album for Images: Download the actual Install Instructions: You find all insturctions here in the Download Section: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/category/85-pin2dmd-documentation/ now have fun with your personal Pin2DMD!
  8. Having issues while trying to export project

    So I've got my colordmd connected and running on my Starship Troopers. At first I was only getting a pallette file when I was exporting the project from the pin2editor because like a dumbass I was never setting up any keyframes/scene swaps. So after figurine it out a little now I put on some scene some swaps. So after saving them and exporting the project now pin2dmd editor crashes and the psq file is only 5 bytes. Any ideas?
  9. Version 6.00AF


    ROM File patch for Stern Pirates of the Caribbean by Sironzolot This file is only usable on pin2dmd hardware.
  10. Baywatch dump

    Version 1.0.0


    PinMame DMD dump from Baywatch. Can be used for coloring projects with pin2dmd editor.
  11. A project from vborusev on pinside using pin2dmd editor V-Pin files are here
  12. Cactus Canyon dump

    Version 1.0.0


    PinMame DMD dump from Cactus Canyon . Can be used for coloring projects with pin2dmd editor.
  13. Thanks to the great Pin2Dmd and it's Colorprism FW + the custom PinballX dll file (thanks Lucky1), I now can run my custom HULK themed video in color during attract mode where you select the tables. This look so great but I can't really catch it in the clip, but it looks like a blend between the original footage and the filmed DMD. Maybe the light is too strong from the DMD (or my equipment to shitty *lol*) Original movie made in Sony Vegas: Filmed running on my cabs PIN2DMD/rgbDMD : Hope you like it and get inspired make your custom cab vids (and please, post them for us to see) Thanks all involved in this great project and the continuous development of its firmware. Regards /Gustav
  14. Street Fighter II

    Just got 3 Pin2DMDs, Ive been looking forward to colorizing the game so it can get the love it deserves. Unfortunately , pin2DMD doesnt seem to be able to display the data from the pin. I hooked all 3 panels up to my Terminator 2 and put them in Williams mode and they displayed the T2 DMD screens just fine. Reconnected them to Gottlieb Street Fighter II, and no matter what input mode I chose it just stays on the static PIN2DMD splash screen. Any ideas? I PM'ed Lucky1 but figured I should post too!
  15. ACDC LE 1.68

    Version 1.0.2


    ROM File patch for Stern ACDC LE by PinballMike To create the needed ROM file you can use bspatch (http://www.daemonology.net/bsdiff/) Place the .pal file in your ..\vpinmame\altcolor\acd_168hc\ folder named pin2dmd.pal Patch needs vpinmame V2.8, latest dmddevice.dll and pin2dmd firmware >= V2.36. THIS PATCH DOES NOT WORK FOR REAL PINBALL MACHINES ! PLEASE CONTACT THE AUTHOR IF YOU NEED IT FOR A REAL PIN !
  16. Frame For Pin2Dmd

    I saw in one of the other threads that people were looking to make frames to hold the 2 led segments, please post any ideas or designs here so they don't get lost within the other threads.
  17. I have just received two new displays to be set up in my Capcom Airborne and Pinball Magic. The versions with the integrated power supply fit nicely under the metal shield. So far, I have not been able to locate a suitable power cable I can tap the power from. Any suggestions? (I want to avoid running a longer lead all the way to the power supply).
  18. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Hello guys! No need to "preorder" or wait for a groupbuy any more Just klick the link in my signature below and you will find everything you need, Greetings, Dom
  19. Hi, I did do a search online, and re-read instrucitons on the Pin2DMD and DMDExt sites. I'm having a bit of trouble with my Pin2DMD install with Visual Pinball. Here is what the situation is: I have a Pin2DMD installed in my cab for the DMD screen. Its running V2.37 I believe. - Windows 10 (64) - Installed Pin2DMD to C:\Pin2DMD - Installed DMDExt to C:\DMDExt Both tested and working ok. (btw - I just updated DMDExt to the 1.51 version ) Pin2DMD when run without params will give a warning about firmware being outdated, but then starts the Pin2DMD GUI ok. I believe this is a know issue with a timeout occuring and will be fixed in a future release from what i read in another thread., I installed PinballFX2 and tested by running DMDExt from the commandline with parameters as requires, then started PinballFX2. DMD works during game play. I installed Visual Pinbal 10.2.0 All-In-One installer and I also installed PinballX. PinballX Menu plays the PinballX logo animation on the DMD when scrolling through games. I copied a ROM to the VPINMAME/ROM folder and a twilightzone table to the Visual Pinball\tables\VPX folder I created ( Set up the path in PinballX as well) I copied the dmddevice.dll and dmddevice.ini to the VPinMame folder where the existing dmddevice.dll exists. (I renamed the existing one to dmddevice,dll.old) . I also noticed that there were folders in the Visual Pinball folder for PinDMD1, PinDMD2, PinDMD3 and PIN2DMD. I figure possibly this is where the installer copies the support files from to the VPINMAME folder?? In any case, I also replaced the DLL in that folder with the one from DMDExt. The problem is that when I start Visual Pinball via PinballX or directly by clicking on a table, when the game loads, it plays fine, except I Don't see anything on my DMD. The virtual DMD is shown on the main playfield screen. I have run setup.exe in the VPINMAME folder and set it to use external DMD, and also to show DMD. Still no luck. Have I missed something? Do a Need a special build of Visual Pinball? I didnt think so from what I have read? thanks in advance for any help.. I was up to the wee hours this morning trying to solve this.
  20. Hi All This is my first post so I hope my cabinet inspires more and more people get into the VP Universe! I have based my cabinet on a widebody design, which will have a 46" playfield, 27" backglass display and a "Real DMD" (from the guys at the PIN2DMD project) So... I started with a pile of MDF: We apply some percission cuts... And we end up with... Now to join it together... OK, so hopefully all these photos come through OK... The above took place last weekend! This weekend we started the painting process... OK, so we have our backbox and cabinet in undercoat, time to let everything dry and next weekend it will be time for the final coat, high gloss black enamel, then once that dries... time to put everything together and see what happens!... Stay posted, more to come
  21. Heyah! I found out about Virtual Pinball Cabinets about 3 years ago. I am currently building one and want to share my experience, because this forum and its members helped a lot! So, there will be lots of information and pictures upcoming soon! I hope to inspire others to build a cabinet. And I want help out other members by answering questions about my project and by giving advice. Two pictures for starter: - First project picture (March 2015) - Current state of interior (August 2016)
  22. Hello , And first a big thanks to everyone involve in allowing us to benefit from colored roms, awesome work ! On my pincab I've had a weird issue to get them working unfortunately and would welcome any lead… I've successfully patched roms like Spiderman, Avengers, Mustang LE or Walking Dead LE, and can run them through Vpinmame test function. However the only way I can display them ingame is if I first launch the table without colorization, quit to editor, place or rename correctly the palette folder in vpinmame/altcolor, and then choose "play table". If I try to launch colored rom tables directly, VP launches and displays table/backglass/dmd but frozen, and crashes after a short moment. My config is Win7 64, vpx 10.2 , pin2dmd firmware 2.36 and latest dmddevice.dll, and the latest b2s server / vpinmame beta rev (2.9), same issue with vpinmame 2.8. The same crash issue seems to be happening with regular VP (old Avengers table) Could it be related to my dot net version (4.52) in any way ? Any other suggestion is most welcome !
  23. Version 0.1


    This is a General Schematic for the Pin2DMD with a STM32F407VGT6 Controller. includs: RGB DMD Output (HUB75) real Pinball DMD Input Signal Enancer for real DMD Input SD Card reader very Basic drawin but very usefull, to get all the Pins right. For more (like the Original Eagle file or correction in the Drawing), feel free to contact me.
  24. Error firmware version not supported

    every now and then I receive a pop-up when starting a visual pinball game that the firmware is not supported and the pin2dmd does not respond anymore. Only option is a reboot or a device reboot via the pin2dmd tool. Does anyone has an idea why this happens? It is a bit annoying. I'm running firmware 2.36 and the pin2dmd key is on the sd card and also in then pin2dmd tool directory. Thanks for the help :).
  25. I seem to be having a clash somewhere in the setup in my VP cab. When I have my standard EZ Install Kit, Virtual Plunger/nudge interface kit and Pin2DMD display all connected everything works fine. However I want more buttons on the cab than the Plunger/nudge kit allows therefore I've also installed an IPAC-ve which I had spare form another project. No matter what USB port combination I use whenever the IPAC-ve is installed the PinDMD stops working after about 15 minutes of use and will not work again until I restore Windows to the restore point before the IPAC drivers were installed. Then everything works perfectly again. I can't even directly issue commands like PIN2DMD /r to it the command line just sits waiting for the device to respond which it never does so I have to ctrl+c out of it. I've asked a a few different VP forums as to whether anyone has experienced this problem and I've had suggestions like ensure you're not overloading the USB bus, update to the latest motherboard firmware (done) or ensure the Pin2DMD is in a USB 3 port which I've tried, I've even installed extra USB control boards so that no more than 2 devices are on a controller. I've also asked at Zebsboards and they don't believe that their products would be interfered with or interfere with the IPAC. I'm wondering if there's a know issue between my installed items and IPAC-ve keyboard emulators. If so I'm more than happy just to buy another IPAC or other brand emulator. I'd rather know if anyone has any further suggestions before I throw more good money after bad however. My cab setup has: i7 Intel CPU with gigabye motherbaord 2x onboard USB 3 ports 2x onboard USB 1 ports PCI-e USB 2.0 4 port controller PCI USB 2, 4 port controller Zebsboards Standard EZ Install Kit Zebsboards Virtual Plunger/nudge interface Pin2DMD DMD display Windows 10 x64 Enterprise (I had the same problem with Windows 7 Premium both x86 and x64) Gigabyte GTX750ti IPAC-ve keyboard emulator PinballX Visual Pinball 9 and 10.2 Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.