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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, Recently purchased a ready made Cabinet running 2 x TV's and Hyperpin front end. So impressed it is running 260 tables and most of my favourites, but there are a few issues I have found since the purchase that I would like to rectify. Most games that are VP have no score/DMD/display, so I will work on these when time permits. My big gripe is there are some FP tables where the sizing on my TV's is just plain wrong. Either off to one side, totally off the screen or using just 60% of my 1080p displays.......... I have tried loading the FP tables in Windows XP outside of Hyperpin and tried the 'Scroll-lock' and 'Alt-tab' options and I never can seem to get the X/Y asis adjustments that I believe should be showing. Simply nothing moves and nothing can be resized. Some backglasses are off to the left, with white patches, some p;ayfields are up 270 degree rotated screen...... I am just so frustrated that I cannot alter the display settings on a machine-by-machine basis. I have both Full Screen (1920 x 1080) and Arcade Mode dots on in FP but I cannot seem to trigger the right codes to adjust the displays and then save the screens to make them viewable properly. I have tried doing playfield only and backbox only and neither option allows for any sort fo adjustment. Secretly I really really want to load up the 1978 Kiss machine using FP, as it has the 100% correct sounds versus the installed VP version which just has dings and dongs and is not 100% authentic....!!!! I tried loading up the FP Kiss and had all sorts of screen issues like above, so i ended up removing the table from FP/Hyperpin....... All ideas and comments really appreciated. It must be "do-able" as all of the VP and many of the FP tables (like Dead Hunters and Road Girls) run excellently.....
  2. Version 1.1


    Wheel image for the Future Pinball table by SLAMT1LT, his upgraded version of Williams's High Speed All sources and work files included. Special thanks to Inkochnito This work is free to use by the community without attribution. All sources are trademarks / copyrights of their respective owners. This is to be privately used in front-ends or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse.
  3. Version 1.0


    Our last FP pinball game.
  4. starting this Halloween, Let the games begin.... pinball is on its way. = looking for playfield artists, Email (your) playfield art or link it below. Any themes you want. If its good enough, we will make a game around it. Please don't send games that are already posted on here or other Future Pinball websites. Only High Quality playfields with good resolution. If you want to see a pinball game with Bears, make a playfield with Bears. Also feel free to add plastic decals, or Backglass art. So. If you want to see Bears Pinball send us your playfield art. Post it below.
  5. starting this Halloween, Let the games begin.... pinball is on its way. = looking for playfield artists, Email (your) playfield art or link it below. Any themes you want. If its good enough, we will make a game around it. Please don't send games that are already posted on here or other Future Pinball websites. Only High Quality playfields with good resolution. If you want to see a pinball game with Bears, make a playfield with Bears. Also feel free to add plastic decals, or Backglass art. So. If you want to see Bears Pinball send us your playfield art. Post it below.
  6. A little idea, I'd love to see what everyones absolute favorite virtual table is of all time. Original, recreation, mod, VP, FP, doesn't matter, we don't discriminate here! Provide a link to the download if available. And I know there's variations and different authors for some tables, so I'd like it narrowed down. It doesn't have to be the best specimen, or the newest, or the prettiest, or the most accurate, but whatever your reason is, I'd love to hear that as well. I'll get it started, with a little bit of a story. My favorite (real) table was Gottlieb's Fast Draw - my dad bought one and we had it in our garage when I was a kid. It is an old EM game with a cowboy western theme. For some reason, we got rid of it - I suspect it was our lack of knowledge in pinball repair, but I don't ever remember it being broken. For some reason, one day I was looking it up online and came across something, a website or, I don't know, but it lead me to virtual pinball and so it was the first game I downloaded. It was jpsalas' Fast Draw (I think it was this one http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=2670 ) and I was impressed. That lead me to more tables and eventually I realized how flawed it was. Not that that's a bad thing, it is great to play, but it uses a ROM for Amazon Hunt and the scoring is completely incorrect. Then I came upon the Future Pinball version by Popotte and that introduced me to Future Pinball - knowing what I know now, the FP version scores more accurately and looks real good, so it was my favorite for a while. Probably my current favorite is Black Hole (the FS mod) here http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=6543 I just like the way that table plays, so across all platforms it's my favorite. I'd like to do an update (the table is now 11 years old) to that sometime and give it more ambience....and better graphics So let's hear it
  7. OK I've done another tutorial. This one is a little presumptuous unfortunately, but I'll try to explain if any questions are needed I skipped over details that were covered in my first tutorial, but may be important here http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/1396-future-pinball-ramps-in-visual-pinball-tutorial/?hl=%2Bfuture+%2Bpinball (Future Pinball Ramps in Visual Pinball - Tutorial) I screwed up the scale, you should scale to .019. If you follow the same steps for each piece of plastic, you can copy&paste the primitive in the VP editor and just import each mesh without moving it, and it will position correctly if you've scaled properly. In FP, scale everything in half (close enough for what we are doing) from your VP measurements. Then scale the individual objects in Blender by .019, and you should be golden. I texture in Photoshop but the same thing can be done in Gimp or other editors. Then just rotate the X axis of the primitive in the VP editor by 90 degrees! You ask why you would want to do this rather than use the VP ramps and/or walls option, and it's a little hard to explain. It comes down to personal preference, for example on my current WIP Verne's World, the plastics have transparent edges, and I could do this with a ramp, but then I'd have no depth and I'd need walls to give it depth (transparently colored lips) and it's a bit tedious. Each builder is different, but it's becoming apparent that this is the way VP table authoring is headed, and with any luck this method will be obsolete with a new version of the VP editor! I'm constantly learning new things in the VP editor, as I'm fairly new to this I'm aware of the lack of documentation on some things. If there's anything you'd like a video tutorial on let me know, it won't take me long (if I know how to do it already!) Here's an example of the transparent edges: Addendum: You want to stretch the UV map to fit the plastics, otherwise you get distorted plastics images (blurry etc) so they should look like this instead of shrinking/stretching to fit like the ones I did in the video. Mental lapse
  8. Hi Guys! What Future Pinball MOD do you think is better? Original? FP 2.5 FP 2.5 R2 FP Zed FP 2.6 (Slamt1lt) Why? and the Pro and Con. Please no personnal wars in here, just state your opinion and justify the Pro and Con so we can all agree and disagree in a polite manner.
  9. Hello all, I know Family guy is on its way with Visual pinball but recently I have got into playing the game using the Future Pinball version in my cab. Pinball X is my 'front end' and I have used BAM and normal FP but I stuggle to get it working properly..... The thing that is driving me mad with the MM and FG tables is the 'attract' mode. Constantly audio is looping, and I find this really annoying to the point I have gone thru the script to try and found out how to disable the audio. Does a setting exist? How easy is it to get the DMD on the 3rd monitor of a pin cab? Any help would be appreciated as in the future I want to get more into 3D pinball (which I have had a go with using Kenetic hardware), and of course VP does not support this. Many thanks in advance! Phil
  10. Version Final Release


    Hi Guys! This is the "Final Release" of the FP2.5R2. Only executables. Download the FP2.5R2 Pack first and then replace the executables with those ones. WHY this and WHY now???? - Well, the "R2" have his "Core" enhanced BUT the physics were "close to" FP2.5 for compatibility issues and "No! Not another physics mod" issues. - F*ck that! - I want to share MY version of the physics with this MOD! - It's the last time the R2 will change (unless a Miracle happens or something will really benefit the gamers) So... have a nice play! I hope this version will be the best you ever had. As always... this version works with ALL the tables (but non Zed and non 2.6) without any (or almost any) modifications! To be released soon... my "FPR2<->" "Arduino Side" Source Code and "Windows Side" monitor. I will post a Youtube video for it and share the code in here. It only works with FP2.5R2. Bye
  11. Version 0.99


    The Goonies Pinball Adventure Overall Goal of the game is to complete The Goonies Motto "Never Say Die" Skill Shot: When a new ball starts the 5 lights under the plunger ramp will flash in sequence. Launch the ball and when it passes under the Skill Shot sign, the current light will be awarded as follows: Sloth: This starts Sloth 2x scoring for 30 seconds, can also be started by spelling sloth at his targets. (Adds "N") Fratellis: This start a hurry up mode where you have to get one of the balls in the Fratellis hideout into the kicker at the back right of the hideout, can also be started by hitting the Fratellis hideout a few times. (Adds "E") Data: this lights the Data gadget award scoop, hit the scoop to get a randow reward. Can also be lit by spelling Data at his targets. Super Pops: Starts the pop bumpers flashing for a higher value. Will end if a pop bumper is not hit for 10 seconds or you loose a ball. Open Trap: This opens the captive ball trap to the right of Datas scoop. Lock 3 ball in here to start multiball. Can also be opened by hitting the trap several times. Locking the first ball adds "E", Starting multiball adds "R" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chunk Loop: This is the left orbit, each orbit lights an arrow when they are all lit Truffle Shuffle starts. Truffle Shuffle: Each target is worth 50,000 points and a Chunk loop scores a Jackpot. Ends after 30 seconds or you loose a ball. Starting truffle shuffle adds "S" Mikey Loop: This is the right orbit, each loop adds a Marble Bonus, with more loops scoring more points. Points are added on at the end of the ball. Resets for each ball. Key Spinner: each spin adds akey bonus, bonus collected at end of ball Doubloon Spinner: each spin adds a doubloon bonus, collet at end of ball BAD Targets: Spell BAD in the Fratellis hideout to increase the Jackpot for other modes. RICH Lanes: Spell RICH to increase the bonus multiplier. Resets for each ball. DATAs GADGET Awards: Adds "V" Spy Eyes: this set the bonus multiplier to max (10x) Slick Shoes: this sets the jackpot score to max (10,000,000) This is not a candle: shoot the ramp to score the current jackpot Wings of Flight: Instant jackpot award Sticky Dart: extra ball awarded Pincers of peril: open trap Bully Blinders: Starts Truffle shuffle Bully Buster: adds 10,000 to marble bonus Ramp Shot scores 5,000 for the first 10 shots, lights extra ball at 10 shots, worth 10,000 after that. Also adds a bonus award for the end of ball bonus. Well Target (to the left of the bumpers, hit 3 times to add big points. Also adds time during timed modes. Drop targets under bone organ, drop them all to open the wall under the bone organ. Get ball in there to start mode: (All modes light a letter towards NEVER SAY DIE) Find the key, hit the left spinner to find the key (spinner must spin 20 times) Boulders, hit loops to avoid the boulders. Bone organ, hit the bone organ scoop 3 times to win. Water slide, hit the ramp to slide. Fight the Fratellis, hit the BAD targets to collect jackpots.
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