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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, So I've just get some recreations of Stern tables on VPX but I like to modify the physics myself for a better experience sometimes. I've just noticed that even if I copy/paste the same slope, gravity, playfield friction, flippers, rubber posts elasticity, scripts (ball size, mass) settings and so on.. I'm not able to get the same results from one table to another. Is there any other setting involved that I'm missing (table size itself for example?) Kinda weird especially for the overall behavior of the ball.. On some tables It reminds me old VP9 while some others feel really great to play in a more "natural" way. Thanks and have good pinball
  2. It's common knowledge that default ramps in Visual Pinball are terrible You don't get support rings, proper 3d lighting effects, hard to work with, and if you do create a wire ramp using smaller ramps to get the effect you need, you're hung out to try if anyone wants to convert your table to desktop, or adjust layback, or anything, because it's all oriented to one perspective. I did this on Sharkey's Shootout, and I think it turned out OK but it needs to be updated with Future Pinball ramps now that I have seen how easy it is. The bottom line is: it's worth it. Now, there's a lot more you can do beyond what I show in this video. If you're comfortable with Blender, there's a ton of great things you can achieve. Check out some of the videos here once you are comfortable with this step http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Import-Export/FuturePinball_FPx Export your VP blueprint (File > Export) Translate your VP table size to FP units (kiwi says 2 VP units = 1mm in FP, but technically it doesn't matter, I never scale my ramps properly and have to adjust the scaling of the object in VP) Import your VP blueprint to FP and use as your table image Create ramp in FP like you would in VP Add your objects, and the exciting things are what you can do to the transform points - these are the rings. In FP there's like 15 different ring types. After you get the ramp you want in FP, save it as a table Open Blender (free, fairly complicated but you only need a few pieces of info to make this work) Install the MS3D importer plugin Install the FP importer plugin Import your .fpt table Move things around in Blender if needed (I needed to move the end pieces to line up with the wire ramp, this is just moving it along the axis) The lengthwise wire in FP ramps is imported as a curve while the rings are imported as meshes. Everything needs to be mesh, so select the curves and convert to> mesh from curve Select your new mesh wires and go to edit mode > faces > triangulate faces (I have determined that all faces in VP need to be triangulated, otherwise you get strange texture issues) Now select every object in your ramp and join it as one unit Now you can export your wire ramp as an .obj - in the export options, make sure Write Normals and Triangulate Faces is checked, then export Now you can import into VP! Easy. I use the Chrome-Silver texture but you can try different metal textures to get desired look.
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