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Found 1 result

  1. I have a friend who purchased a Pin2DMD for his Vpin he is upgrading. Have a strange problem that I haven't been able to sort out yet. For whatever reason running the command line DMDEXT.exe will not find the Pin2DMD. The strange part is that the Pin2DMD is working fine in VPX with colored roms so it doesn't appear to be board related. UltraDMD is also displaying fine on it. I personally own a PinDMDV3 so this is my first use of a Pin2DMD. I am assuming I am missing a step. His system is running the release 10.6 VPX as well as the latest release of SAMBuild 3.2 (final). VPX is configured for cabinet mode and use External DMD is confirmed checked. We have Popper installed and VPX tables are launching properly. We are trying to get his Pin2DMD working with FX3 and that is where I have hit a wall. Running/configuring DMDExt has always been easy so I am at a loss why isn't finding the Pin2DMD. On the Pin2DMD we have: Upgraded to Colorprism 3.05 Applied license file. Device shows it is activated and shows it set for Virtual Pinball on the DMD Download DMDExt 1.71 and 1.72 both and placed in VPinmame folder (both 32bit) Edited DMDDevice.ini and turned off virtual dmd, along with PinDMDV1 through PinDMDV3. Pin2DMD is the only DMD enabled. Just to make sure I have replaced the dmddevice.ini a few times to confirn there wasn't some sort of typo in the .ini [pindmd1] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a pinDMD1 enabled = false [pindmd2] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a pinDMD2 enabled = false [pindmd3] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a pinDMD3 enabled = false ; COM port, e.g. COM3 ;port = [pin2dmd] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a PIN2DMD enabled = true USB cable is connected. PC is showing USB driver is loaded and working and set for COM3 I have removed the driver and let it re-add several times by changing USB ports. If I run either as standard command line or Adminstrator command line DMDEXT test --destination=pin2dmd I get an error Pin2DMD not found. DMDEXT test --destination=virtual I get the expected DMDEXT image on the virtual display. This happens with both DMDExt 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 . I tried specifying COM3 port in the DMDDevice.ini by adding port=COM3 as well as passing in the command line using --port=COM3 as well. I have same issues running the normal DMDEXT mirror --source=pinballfx3 --destination=pin2dmd Always get the Pin2DMD not found. Since the board works in VPX It is hard to believe it is a hardware issue. Is there anything you need to configure on the DMD itself using the built-in menus? My only other guess is it is a version issue with DMDDevice.dll or something with the USB driver. The libusbk.dll driver has NOT been installed. Is it needed for DMDExt.exe? My only other guess is the COM port that is assigned or the port settings need to be altered in device manager from the default. Any help would be appreciated. Getting DMDExt up and running has always been one easiest setup items. I have remoted into several other peoples systems and helped with all versions PInDMDV1-PinDMDV3 but this is my first configuriing with the Pin2DMD. The fact that it works in VPX using External DMD (DMDDevice.dll) and not DMDExt.exe for FX3 doesn't make sense.
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