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Found 2 results

  1. My pinball controller made from a old shoe storage box for $40.00. My next pinball controller will be made with a old military metal ammo box with led clear/white mame arcade buttons..
  2. A few months back I was looking into cheap cab inputs with accelerometers and started tinkering with a sixaxis PS3 controller. Using a program on your pc called "motioninjoy" you could hook a PS3 controller up and use it as a joystick input, this was useful for games and, to some extent, pinball as it gave me a handheld control. The controller comes with a built in accelerometer that replicates joystick x/y movement by tilting the controller back and forth, by situating the controller to a stable position, you could set this thing up in your cabinet as a nudge device as well! The problem was, you'd still need to use an input controller to utilize your arcade buttons if you wanted this, and as we all know, VP doesn't support multiple controllers natively. Enter the axisdapter - a device created years ago for people who wanted to build their own fight stick arcade controllers - it was just a simple board that let you hook up arcade buttons, joysticks, etc to a disassembled sixaxis controller and use those as input in place of the controller buttons! I looked for one for a while and didn't really trust any of the sites selling them, so I cooked up my own. With the help of a colleague I got some built, assembled and ready to use. I had to order a minimum quantity which was more than I needed but the price was good and I figured it might be useful for other members for their cabs, mostly for mini cabs that are low on room and built on a budget. With that being said, if you have a spare sixaxis controller and need an input controller for your cab, I've got a handful of these devices for sale for 25 bucks. I'm not really making a profit on these, I just wanted to provide my extra devices for people. This will include UPS shipping, so I think it's a good deal. I took this idea a bit farther, and wired up a magnetopot to one of the unused joystick axes on the controller for use as an analog plunger, that actually ended up working quite well. You can see that wired up here: Ignoring the yellow flat item and 3 wires, that's the assembly for the controller and axisdapter (including FRC cable) and you simply hook the controller up via the USB cable that you normally use for your sixaxis controller. There's the board itself, pretty simple. It provides 17 inputs or so plus the accelerometer. It's really small, about 1 1/12 inches wide. They're here if anyone needs them.
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