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Found 2 results

  1. Cannot believe I didn't think of this earlier....... *facepalm* Was chatting to neohusky about his cab and he asked me about the coin door circuit. I explained that I am working on some other hardware that will incorporate it and real life is getting in the way of free time.. blah blah blah, but to keep you going for the time being, install a microswitch on the inside of your coin door. Then it hit me. Install a microswitch with 12 volts going to the common, and one wire from both the normally open and normally closed soldered together. When the switch is operated, either on or off, it gives a pulse off output while the common is inbetween outputs. Feed this onto a 12 volt relay and wire Ipac common to the common of the relay and an Ipac input to the normally closed. I tested it with an LED and I was getting a pulse flash so it should work perfectly with an Ipac. The image above is using a car relay, but any 12 volt relay will work. Anyone with a cabinet able to give this a test run? I know some microswitches were too quick between switching but that is the only problem I can see. Youtube clip of it in action connected to an Ipac
  2. Hi guys, I found a way to run the END key exactly how the switch of a pinball cab, ie it remains ON until it is pressed and goes OFF when released (at this time it becomes ON when pressed and returns to OFF at the next pressure). May be an idea to put it in the official version of VPM (maybe mapped in another key as suggested by Arngrim)? To activate this you need to edit these lines wpc\alvg.h(35): COREPORT_BITTOG( 0x0400, "Ticket", KEYCODE_END) wpc\bowlgames.c(479): COREPORT_BITTOG( 0x0100, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\gts3.h(69): COREPORT_BITTOG( 0x0040, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\taito.h(16): COREPORT_BITTOG( 0x0020, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\vd.c(141): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x8000, DEF_STR(Unknown),KEYCODE_END) wpc\wpc.h(20): COREPORT_BITTOG( 0x0100, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\zacproto.c(177): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x0002, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\zacproto.c(278): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x0002, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\zacproto.c(381): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x0002, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) by replacing COREPORT_BITTOG with COREPORT_BIT. If you want to try this patch easily here you can find the latest build recompiled. What do you think about this? VPinMAME_notoggle.zip