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Found 1 result

  1. hi, I started a colorization project for the Gottlieb SYS3 "Barbwire", but I am having some difficulty understanding the logic of the Pin2DMD editor. Either I did something wrong, or there is a bug because the result does not correspond to the programmed behavior. I use the latest firmware (Colorprism v3.08) and the latest editor release (v2.5.0.6 dated 02-07-2020 - so very recent). I've created a simple project: only two palettes (one default with green shades, and one with normal colors red/orange/yellow/blue) only two scenes, the startup screen and the "replay at screen", using colormask mode the two scenes are triggered by two keyframe, using a little mask M0 (same for both, but of course, with different values) The project can be downloaded here :Barbwire.zip When testing with VpinMame, it's works, but not exactly as expected. The first scene is well detected, the palette is loaded and the areas (lines) are well colorized (BARB*WIRE ... Gprom checksum) ✔️OK. The next sequence is an error message, not triggered, and colorized with the default palette. ✔️OK, that look normal. The scores/game_over is displayed. Same as above, not triggered, and colorized with the default palette. ✔️OK, that look normal too. The "Replay At" sequence is displayed. Triggered, so use the correct palette and the areas are also well colorized. ✔️OK, till now, the behavior is normal and logic. The score/game_over is displayed again. But this time, the palette/areas is ❌ WRONG. Use blue/orange, but as there is nothing triggered here, it should use the default palette (green) The sequence continue, with high scores. As nothing is triggered, the default palette is used. ✔️OK, we return here to something logical. I'm newbie in colorization and try to understand how to use Pin2DMD editor. I've read documentation and watched tutorials, but I can't understand this behavior. What I'm doing wrong? Why the score/game displayed after the "Replay At" still use the same palette? I will be glad if someone could explain me, why this behaviour. Here is the video of what happen at startup: Barbwire_test.mp4 Barbwire_test.mp4
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