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Found 463 results

  1. Has anyone built a cabinet out of hardwood? Leaving the natural wood look? If so, can someone post pictures? Also, how much wood was needed for the build. This will go in my living room. Thanks in advance everyone
  2. Version 2.0


    White Water ( Williams 1993)
  3. Version 2.1


    Hurricane(Williams 1991)
  4. Version 2.1


    Riverboat Gambler (Williams 1990) HI REZ
  5. View File Funhouse (Williams 1990) 2 & 3 screens directb2s b2s db2s Full rebuild from scratch New HD translite image by wrd1972 2 versions : resolution 2560 x 2436 & 1280x1024 Grill full redraw (and removable) For 2 and 3 screens Authentic color lamps placement and Rom ID Authentic translite mask Photoshop lighting A special thank you to wrd1972 for having asked me to realize this B2S, for having provided me with an image of the translite in HD and a video of the original animation. A special thank you to wrd1972 who shares his magnificent tables (and all the other authors of the Funhouse table with its incredible realism : Shoopity, JPsalas, Cyberpez, Rothbauerw, 32assassin, Dark, Ninuzzu, Vanlion, Clarkkent, Arngrim, Flupper, Schreibi34 ). Link to the table : https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/funhouse-williams-1990/ Cheers Blacksad Submitter Blacksad Submitted 03/22/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
  6. View File Indiana Jones The Pinball Adventure (Williams 1993) Indiana Jones - NZ&TT 1.2 Submitter Wildman Submitted 03/10/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2186-indiana-joneswilliams1993/ Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Contact Author First. VP Version v10  
  7. Version 1.0


    Laser Cue(Williams 1984)
  8. These are STL files for 3D-printing this apron, width 52.1 cm. Height is enough to put RGB LED-strips at kickback, plunger and middle areas. Designed for these kind of 7"-screens: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32702387923.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.e3f44c4dlqptAw This has no bottom, but any regular piece of wood, metal or other stable material should probably work. Apron_face_std_cab_PT1.stl Apron_face_std_cab_PT2.stl Apron_face_std_cab_PT3.stl Apron_launch_20200128.mp4
  9. Version 1.0


    Cyclone (Williams 1988) 2 screen and 3 screen versions Thanks to ClarkKent for the hi rez BG pic and some insight on the wheel problem...Which is not a problem no more For the BG to work right find and change these in the script if not done already...Enjoy man..
  10. View File Medieval Madness(Williams 1997) Medieval Madness 5 versions Medieval-Madness-Reloaded-1.0-1 Medieval-Madness-X-VPX-NZTT-1.1 Medieval Madness X VPX- NZ&TT 1.1_flippers Medieval-Madness-X-VPX-TTNZ-TOYMOD-1.0 Medieval-Madness-VPX-Remake-Tom-Tower-Ninuzzu-rev2.4 Submitter Wildman Submitted 03/10/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2212-medieval-madnesswilliams-1997/ Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Contact Author First. VP Version v10  
  11. View File Monster Bash (Williams 1998) Monster Bash X - NZ&TT 1.3 Submitter Wildman Submitted 03/10/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2576-monster-bash-williams-1998/ Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Contact Author First. VP Version v10  
  12. View File Johnny Mnemonic(Williams 1995) Johnny_Mnemonic_1.3 Submitter Wildman Submitted 03/10/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2158-johnny-mnemonicwilliams-1995/ Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Contact Author First. VP Version v10  
  13. Version 2.0


    Bram Stoker's Dracula (Williams 1993) New rebuild.. Hi Rez Scan
  14. Version 1.0


    AUTHENTIC BACKGLASS (needs B2S.Server v1.2 to run) Backglass was designed to be as authentic as possible after watching a lot youtube videos. directB2S backglass for the 1989 Williams table. Backglass images, animation images provided by ClarkKent (and a lot testing done by ClarkKent too)
  15. Version 1a


    Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper + DMD + Wheel Kit PLEASE NOTE: I have upgraded this kit with all-new includes and updates (see below). It also turns out when compressing the DMD videos in MP4 format, because they are so small (128x32), the MP4 codec automatically "aliased" the images in the videos and made them "blurrier" then they supposed to. I have recompressed all the DMD videos into AVI BMP video format that DOES NOT compress or artifact the images or videos so now they are razor sharp if using a RealColorDMD or a RealDMD. Make sure if you loaded the previous DMD MP4 video versions, you go to your "Media" folder in PinballX and DELETE the MP4s by hand because if you reload (import) these new better quality AVI BMP versions, PinballX defaults to the MP4 and it doesn't overwrite it. It keeps the old MP4 ... so you need to DELETE the MP4 completely for the AVI BMP version to play instead. If you choose to NOT use the AVI DMD videos, I have included PNG image file versions. Topper Videos and Images are: 1280 x 390 px. DMD Videos and Images are: 128 x 32 Kit Includes: - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper GREEN 1280x390.mp4 - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper RED 1280x390.mp4 - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper - No Title 1280x390.mp4 - Gorgar (Williams 1979) RealColorDMD 1.avi - Gorgar (Williams 1979) RealColorDMD 2.avi - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Wheel GREEN.png - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Wheel RED.png - Gorgar (Williams 1979) RealDMD 1.avi - Gorgar (Williams 1979) RealDMD 2.avi - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper Still 01.png - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper Still 02.png - Williams - DMD Logo 1 - 128x32.png - Williams - DMD Logo 2 - 128x32.png - Williams Red - RealColorDMD Logo 1 - 128x32.png - Williams Red - RealColorDMD Logo 2 - 128x32.png Load into the files you want to use into PinballX or other front end of your setup. Enjoy! -HiRez00
  16. Version 1.1


    No Good Gofers(Williams 1997)
  17. View File No Good Gofers(Williams 1997) No Good Gofers(Williams 1997) Submitter Wildman Submitted 04/25/2013 Category B2S Backglasses  
  18. Version 2.0


    Star Light (Williams 1984)
  19. Version 3.0


    No Fear Dangerous Sports (Williams 1995)
  20. Version 3.0


    Congo (Williams 1985) Hi Rez
  21. Version 3.0


    Jack Bot(Williams 1995) Hi Rez
  22. Version 2.0


    Star Trek The Next Generation (Williams 1993) Hi Rez version Thanks to ClarkKent for the hi rez scan
  23. View File Congo (Williams 1985) Congo (Williams 1985) Hi Rez Submitter Wildman Submitted 12/20/2014 Category B2S Backglasses  
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Space Shuttle (Williams 1984) Hi rez... I cant believe i never made this one only realized it when i couldn't find any good quality one out there so here it is ..Enjoy 😎
  25. Version 1.0


    Fire (Williams 1987) 2 and 3 screen versions
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