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Found 21 results

  1. Just some previews of next years pinball games in the works.
  2. I just bought my first virtual pinball machine . It's a mini with a 32" play field. It's using a a PinballX frontend and I'm liking visual pinball tables that the guy put on for me but wanted to add some he missed like Family Guy, World Poker Tour, and Magic Theater but have no idea how to. Step by step if anybody can show me. Don't know much bout computers so bare with me please!
  3. Tables like Medevil Madness, Arabian Knight, Attack on Mars, etc audio when playing sounds like speakers are blown. Anything I can do to fix this in settings??
  4. I finally got a Pindmd V3 I installed it and its up and running but now Whenever I run visual pinball a tables with a dmd I get a extra virtual dmd displaying. I have in VPinmame options show DMD/Display window unchecked and use external DMD [dll] checked. The virtual DMD I can move it around but I cant right click and put a border around to resize.I am not sure what the problem is but any help would be awesome. Thanks for your time DmdDevice.ini
  5. I have my system fully functional using Visual Pinball but when I use PinballX my addressable LED strips (2) one each side are not working, everything else works in Pinballx including rear flasher bar. Of course I am not an expert on the coding or xml, I do see there is an error loading the plugin in the log but can’t figure out how to fix it. I can register the object in Direct Output, I run the plugin manager in PinballX and it shows up but when I go to Configure it gives me an error that it can find path. I am sure this is something simple but I just need another set of eyes to look at it. I have attached files and logs. As always thanks to everybody for your help! Scott. PinballX.ini PinballXlog.txt PinballX DirectOutput Plugin.log DirectOutput.log Cabinet.xml directoutputconfig.ini directoutputconfig30.ini
  6. I'm writing an open-source .NET module to allow people to open and edit Visual Pinball VPT files (since my Pincab isn't quite up to playing VPX smoothly, I haven't gone into those files as yet, although it may be compatible?) You can grab the code and the example command-line and GUI apps from the GitHub page @ https://github.com/PushAButton/vispinnet For the moment, the functions are pretty trivial - but it allows you to do some things that are annoying to have to edit manually... Enable B2S on a VPinMAME table Enable Mechanical Plungers (on tables that have them) Disable the baked-in DMD settings (position, size, ROL/ROR) Properly close the controller on table exit Change the name or the ROM of a table. There's also an experimental "Desktop to Fullscreen" option in there, but I'm having trouble finding a suitable formula that can calculate the correct scales and offsets for a given table size, incline and layback. Any feature requests or ideas are welcome.
  7. Anyone who wants to get into making games. In Visual Pinball. I have a link for you where I am also learning Scripts and how to do things the right way. Nice step by step guide on VP. http://www.armuco.ch/bubble/VisualGuidehtml/collectionmanager.htm
  8. Hello There, I joined this great community a few months ago. Back then I had only put the visual pinball software on my desktop pc. Thanks to everyones help on this and other sites,I managed to build my own table. My Budget cabinet built link is below. (my first ever you tube upload. Hopefully it might help give some ideas for new starters who are thinking of building their own cab. Cheers Link below. Matt http://www.youtube.c...qklg539sY&t=11s
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Back to the Future Virtual Topper
  10. Hi, I did do a search online, and re-read instrucitons on the Pin2DMD and DMDExt sites. I'm having a bit of trouble with my Pin2DMD install with Visual Pinball. Here is what the situation is: I have a Pin2DMD installed in my cab for the DMD screen. Its running V2.37 I believe. - Windows 10 (64) - Installed Pin2DMD to C:\Pin2DMD - Installed DMDExt to C:\DMDExt Both tested and working ok. (btw - I just updated DMDExt to the 1.51 version ) Pin2DMD when run without params will give a warning about firmware being outdated, but then starts the Pin2DMD GUI ok. I believe this is a know issue with a timeout occuring and will be fixed in a future release from what i read in another thread., I installed PinballFX2 and tested by running DMDExt from the commandline with parameters as requires, then started PinballFX2. DMD works during game play. I installed Visual Pinbal 10.2.0 All-In-One installer and I also installed PinballX. PinballX Menu plays the PinballX logo animation on the DMD when scrolling through games. I copied a ROM to the VPINMAME/ROM folder and a twilightzone table to the Visual Pinball\tables\VPX folder I created ( Set up the path in PinballX as well) I copied the dmddevice.dll and dmddevice.ini to the VPinMame folder where the existing dmddevice.dll exists. (I renamed the existing one to dmddevice,dll.old) . I also noticed that there were folders in the Visual Pinball folder for PinDMD1, PinDMD2, PinDMD3 and PIN2DMD. I figure possibly this is where the installer copies the support files from to the VPINMAME folder?? In any case, I also replaced the DLL in that folder with the one from DMDExt. The problem is that when I start Visual Pinball via PinballX or directly by clicking on a table, when the game loads, it plays fine, except I Don't see anything on my DMD. The virtual DMD is shown on the main playfield screen. I have run setup.exe in the VPINMAME folder and set it to use external DMD, and also to show DMD. Still no luck. Have I missed something? Do a Need a special build of Visual Pinball? I didnt think so from what I have read? thanks in advance for any help.. I was up to the wee hours this morning trying to solve this.
  11. View File 4x4 Atari Here is 4x4 pinball 1.0 for Visual Pinball 10.0. Game has sound effects and has been tested. Game is for slower PC's If you want to enable all 8 playfield knock balls open scripts and remove the 'Line 1093, 1094,1095,1096. the color should change from green to dark. Then Save the file. If your pc stutters you will have to removethe 4 top balls by putting back the ' in the front of the script lines.Having all the balls on the playfield caused my pc to stutter and run slow. Submitter theGhost787 Submitted 01/13/2017 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod VP Version  
  12. Hope everyone has a good New Year and Christmas. Just a small preview of Next Years Work in Progress games. Up First is Bart VS. the Space Mutants. Just finished the apron art. Follow this thread to see more. I found some very funny sounds for it as well. Game should be done sometime January.
  13. Hi everyone. I recently built my cab with the help of this and other forums. I had everything running smoothly with 4k at 60 Hz, pinball X, DOF, solenoids, LEDs, etc but now I actually have to ask a question because I'm stumped. For some reason the newer Stern tables decided to crash as soon as I open them either through physmod5 or through pinballX. I get an error message that says "visual pinball 990 has stopped working." I'm not sure why it says "990" because I am opening the files through physmod5. Anyway, they were all working fine and I've made no changes so this is really confusing me. The main table that has consistently given me this error is the ACDC physmod5 table. Keep in mind it was working perfectly for weeks... Things I've done so far: - Updated to the newest graphics drivers (have dual HD 7850s) - Reinstalled visual pinball - Have the latest vpinmame.dll, sam.vbs, bass.dll, etc - made sure everything is unblocked, run as administrator, etc - ensured my roms are working and have correctly named them and even redownloaded them with the same results - deleted the nvrams for the offending tables - tried other versions of the tables with the same results What is really confusing me is that after all of the above it started working again and then out of nowhere it decides to crash..."Visual pinball 990 has stopped working." This only happens with physmod5 tables particularly the newer Stern tables and most consistently with ACDC. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I reinstall and clear out my registry? That was my next possible solution... Thanks!
  14. A little idea, I'd love to see what everyones absolute favorite virtual table is of all time. Original, recreation, mod, VP, FP, doesn't matter, we don't discriminate here! Provide a link to the download if available. And I know there's variations and different authors for some tables, so I'd like it narrowed down. It doesn't have to be the best specimen, or the newest, or the prettiest, or the most accurate, but whatever your reason is, I'd love to hear that as well. I'll get it started, with a little bit of a story. My favorite (real) table was Gottlieb's Fast Draw - my dad bought one and we had it in our garage when I was a kid. It is an old EM game with a cowboy western theme. For some reason, we got rid of it - I suspect it was our lack of knowledge in pinball repair, but I don't ever remember it being broken. For some reason, one day I was looking it up online and came across something, a website or, I don't know, but it lead me to virtual pinball and so it was the first game I downloaded. It was jpsalas' Fast Draw (I think it was this one http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=2670 ) and I was impressed. That lead me to more tables and eventually I realized how flawed it was. Not that that's a bad thing, it is great to play, but it uses a ROM for Amazon Hunt and the scoring is completely incorrect. Then I came upon the Future Pinball version by Popotte and that introduced me to Future Pinball - knowing what I know now, the FP version scores more accurately and looks real good, so it was my favorite for a while. Probably my current favorite is Black Hole (the FS mod) here http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=6543 I just like the way that table plays, so across all platforms it's my favorite. I'd like to do an update (the table is now 11 years old) to that sometime and give it more ambience....and better graphics So let's hear it
  15. When I try to play any of the Sterns tables I get a script error. I was told which files to download for the Sterns tables to run and I have installed them. I get a script error "Line: 110 Gamer name not found". The script in that line reads :".gameName = cGameName". I am running Windows 10 and I am using Pinball X, VP10, VP9, and VP9PM.
  16. Hey all, I am just getting VP10 going and getting all the new tables installed, and I am realizing my "Tables" folder is getting downright huge and quite a mess. The question I have is with VP9, Phys Mod5, and now VP10 tables, is how is everyone keeping all these together and easily found in the table folder? I have seen separate folders including the B2S file for each table away from Visual pinball, but I assume that will not fly in the "tables" folder. Just wondering if people are naming the system identifier such as (VP10) (Table name) (version number) or (table name) (version number) (VP10) etc for the different types of tables. As more VP10 tables come on line and revisions are happening I am hoping to figure out a neat and tidy way of finding the existing tables and changing as required, and eliminating the older ones. Any input to what people are doing is much appreciated. Cheers,
  17. Figured out VPX. (sort of) So the first game i made. Uploads in a few days. Here is a picture of it. Bare with me while i figure out texturing in this thing.
  18. It's common knowledge that default ramps in Visual Pinball are terrible You don't get support rings, proper 3d lighting effects, hard to work with, and if you do create a wire ramp using smaller ramps to get the effect you need, you're hung out to try if anyone wants to convert your table to desktop, or adjust layback, or anything, because it's all oriented to one perspective. I did this on Sharkey's Shootout, and I think it turned out OK but it needs to be updated with Future Pinball ramps now that I have seen how easy it is. The bottom line is: it's worth it. Now, there's a lot more you can do beyond what I show in this video. If you're comfortable with Blender, there's a ton of great things you can achieve. Check out some of the videos here once you are comfortable with this step http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Import-Export/FuturePinball_FPx Export your VP blueprint (File > Export) Translate your VP table size to FP units (kiwi says 2 VP units = 1mm in FP, but technically it doesn't matter, I never scale my ramps properly and have to adjust the scaling of the object in VP) Import your VP blueprint to FP and use as your table image Create ramp in FP like you would in VP Add your objects, and the exciting things are what you can do to the transform points - these are the rings. In FP there's like 15 different ring types. After you get the ramp you want in FP, save it as a table Open Blender (free, fairly complicated but you only need a few pieces of info to make this work) Install the MS3D importer plugin Install the FP importer plugin Import your .fpt table Move things around in Blender if needed (I needed to move the end pieces to line up with the wire ramp, this is just moving it along the axis) The lengthwise wire in FP ramps is imported as a curve while the rings are imported as meshes. Everything needs to be mesh, so select the curves and convert to> mesh from curve Select your new mesh wires and go to edit mode > faces > triangulate faces (I have determined that all faces in VP need to be triangulated, otherwise you get strange texture issues) Now select every object in your ramp and join it as one unit Now you can export your wire ramp as an .obj - in the export options, make sure Write Normals and Triangulate Faces is checked, then export Now you can import into VP! Easy. I use the Chrome-Silver texture but you can try different metal textures to get desired look.
  19. With the magical hands of 85Vette (table design and FS) and Coolball (DT conversion) more stern machines must to be done! please! here 's a list of the machines made by Stern since 2006 (with the new SAM) until now : 24 / AC-DC / avatar (FS) / batman 2008 / big bug hunter / CSI / Dale jrs / family guy / indiana jones 2008 / iron man (FS) (DT) / metallica / NBA 2009 / NFL 2001 / pirates of the Caribbean (FS) / shrek / star trek 2013 / the avengers / the rolling stones 2011 / Transformers /tron (FS) (DT) / wheel of fortune / world poker tour / mustang. /spiderman (FS) / x men (FS) (DT) my best wishes to all !
  20. Hi, I'm building an arcade cabinet that is pinball-capable. The control panel has some leaf-switch buttons, the monitor rotates and I bought a fancy illuminated launch button to put on front. Basicly what I'm about to do is to get the launch button to lit only when it is supposed to. I mean the launch button is only supposed to be ON when there's a ball to be launched. The lauch ball is going to be controlled by a device similar to this one: http://goo.gl/ovnFaP I'm trying to compile some information in order to setup my system for the FIRST TIME but I'm a little bit lost. Could someone give me a list of things that i need to do, till i get the table rom to interact with the launch ball light? 1. I need to download and install Visual Pinball, B2SServer and Direct Output Framework 2. From my understanding i need to code a class that implements IOutputController and calls the USB Relay methods to turn the relay on and off. 3. Do i need to also code a custom Output class like LedWizOutput or do i have a generic one? Do i need to code a Toy also or what is the buildin Toy that better suits my setup? 4. Compilte DOF 5. ??????????????? Now i need to glue the pieces together ??????????????? What are the files that need to be configured in order to the table rom be able to intect with BOF? How does the table rom nows which method of the OutputController to call? Thanks in advance
  21. div#progressbar:hover div { -webkit-animation: animate-stripes 0.4s linear infinite; -moz-animation: animate-stripes 0.4s linear infinite; } @-webkit-keyframes animate-stripes { 0% {background-position: 0 0;} 100% {background-position: 23px 0;} } @-moz-keyframes animate-stripes { 0% {background-position: 0 0;} 100% {background-position: 23px 0;} } 70%70% been working on this again, shouldn't take long at all to finish the rest, there will also be a desktop version change log so far: complete redo of gi textures with a slightly darker ambiance added fading gi routine to plastics added more b2s collision sounds to all pieces of table added more gi light sequence routines replace screws and bulbs with a new method added gi light reflections to ramps, screw heads and some wires script optimizations to do: redo all flashers and change them to new alpha swap method to cut down on system resources add more little details adjust flipper settings and other physic related issues script optimizations Download attachment: lw3 ss.jpg Click here to view the article
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