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Found 419 results

  1. Version 1.0


    Star Trek LE (Stern 2013)
  2. View File Shrek(stern 2008) Shrek(stern 2008) Submitter Wildman Submitted 09/22/2013 Category B2S Backglasses  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast (Stern 2018) Hi Rez Scan
  4. Version 2.0


    The Simpsons Pinball Party (Stern 2003) Hi Rez
  5. View File Shrek (Stern 2008)(NZ&TT)(v1.0) Shrek (Stern 2008)(NZ&TT)(v1.0) '****************************************************** '* SHREK VPX 1.0***** ********************************* '****************************************************** '* STERN PINBALL 2008 ********************************* '****************************************************** '* SAM SYSTEM ***************************************** '****************************************************** '* ROM VERSION 1.41 (shr_141.bin) * '****************************************************** '* CREATED BY NINUZZU AND TOM TOWER******************** '****************************************************** '* Many thanks to Groni, without him this wouldn't be * '* possible.The table is based on Family Guy by Groni.* '* Many thanks to comicalman, I used his FP table as * '* a resource for playfield images and toys. * '* Thanks to arngrim for the DOF script * '* Also a huge thanks to Freneticamnesic, who fixed * '* the bug with the flashers and to DJRobX, who fixed * '* the center post script. * '* Shrek, Fiona and Donkey models made by GLXB * '* What I did: * '* Readapted the textures to fit Groni's models * '* New Plastics from scatch * '* Some textures redone from scratch * '* Made a new model for the mirror * '* Reworked some 3d models * '* Added light system to Donkey mini-pinball * '* Other little stuff (lights, model positioning) * '****************************************************** Submitter Dazz Submitted 05/04/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name shr_141 Link to B2S http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2423-shrekstern-2008/ Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Yes VP Version v10  
  6. 642 downloads

    image upgrade to htamas Flight 2000 (Stern 1990) (dB2S) file.
  7. Version 2.0


    Avatar(Stern 2010)
  8. Version 2.0


    Family Guy (Stern 2007)
  9. View File Family Guy (Stern 2007) Family Guy (Stern 2007)1.1.1 Submitter Wildman Submitted 03/10/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2422-family-guystern-2006/ Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Contact Author First. VP Version v10  
  10. Hello All! I hope everyone had a tremendous holiday season! I got a little time off and was able to get the batteries recharged so I thought it would be nice to get back into a little "Dot Coloring" as Malenko would say, so I present to you the next solo project I'm working on.....Stern's .........The X-Men! This will take me some time as I only have so much free time between career and family so I ask that you be patient and look at my track record of finishing projects I start. I promise it will be worth the wait and you will see the usual attention to detail as my previous works. Star Wars & Royal Rumble. P.S. If you have an X-Men project already started please do not post your work on this thread, please start your own. Thanks for you Understanding! Some previews to enjoy!
  11. File Name: Stones_10_RTM_1.5_FINAL.rar File Submitter: DozerAUS File Submitted: 02 Aug 2015 File Category: Visual Pinball 10 - Tables Permission to Mod: Contact Author First. ROM Name: rsn_110h VP Version: v10 Beta This is the initial release of Stern's 2011 "The Rolling Stones" for VP10 (LE/Premium Version). **IMPORTANT** Please make sure you are using VPX Final before you play this table. Many thanks to all the authors and content contributors who made this table possible. Especially whoever made the primitives used in this table. (Let me know who you are and I will update this description with credits). Without them, the mick mech in its current state would not have been possible. Although VP10 supports a built in desktop mode, I have not bothered to tweak the desktop settings so this release is primarily intended for cabinets. I may get some time at a later date to tweak this but I'd rather do it if and when a good primitive model for the lips is made. At the moment the lips are using an old fashioned ramp image. The left and right stop posts are assigned to left/right magnasave and the center post is currently assigned to the extra ball button. These are activated manually but timed by the rom for deactivation. It is strongly recommended to configure the LE version of the rom to activate the timed ball saver as by default it is turned off. Although the game plays quite conservatively with the current outlane post settings, the game can be a drain monster. Also, as the game starts the first ball wait a few seconds before plunging until the playfield insert lamps start as there is a small delay before the skillshot lights etc. become available. This seems to be an emulation issue and beyond my control. It is barely noticeable though. Please post any bugs or comments in the appropriate support topic and I'll take a look from time to time to see if they can be fixed. Have Fun - Dozer. Click here to download this file
  12. I tried colorizing ST161 (pro) using the macros (thanks Sharkky) and PB uses up the memory about 30% of the way. I've tried on the OST version, the PinMAME version and the Stern raw version. All have the same results. The goal is to test in a realpin. QUESTIONS: 1) I'm not sure why, but I am believing that the only way for PIn2DMD to work in a SAM is to use side-channel and an RS232 connection, starting with the raw ROM and applying the COMM patch. After patching and extending memory, the colorization can take place. Is this correct? 1A) Can I use in-frame colorization on SAM if the memory is available? 2) I started by taking the 162 ROM and the OST and colorizing myself and am about 50% finished. Will I be able to use this colorization even though I used it on a raw ROM and have not applied the COMM patch? 3) or If the COMM patch MUST be applied before any modification to the ROM takes place, is all my work is for nothing? I have not saved my macros on my own colorization. I have also tried downloading the 161 macros and modifying the memory addresses to colorize the proper frames in 162. The PB environment again runs out of memory. 4) Why do colorization modifications require additional ROM memory? If I am (although I am not saying that I am doing that) changing the actual bitmaps, and those new bitmaps take the same amount of memory, then the only thing that should be taking memory is the palate info. Why am I running out of memory? Help me Lucky1 Kanobi. You're my only hope.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Rez This is a updated BG that 32A had.. he had the EM version and i rebuilt it to the SS version of the BG .... ENJOY .....
  14. View File Pinball By Stern (Stern 1977) Hi Rez This is a updated BG that 32A had.. he had the EM version and i rebuilt it to the SS version of the BG .... ENJOY ..... Submitter Wildman Submitted 05/23/2020 Category B2S Backglasses  
  15. View File Star Trek LE (Stern 2013) Stern's Star Trek LE, thanks to SAM emulation updates by DJRobX, we can now emulate some of the LE tables! Latest SAM VPM required from this topic: Table by freneticamnesic, based loosely on 85vetts PM5 table, with code additions by gtxjoe and DJRobX. Redraw of plastics and playfield done by freneticamnesic. DOF addition by arngrim. Grab the VBS from Arngrim here http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=35311&p=359443 I recommend the LE backglass from Wildman here: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/3128-star-trek-le-stern-2013/ The Premium backglass also works but I don’t think it’s as cool looking: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2473-star-trek-premium-stern-2013/ This has Arngrim’s DOF additions so everyone check out the complex undercab lighting! Changelog: 101116a - DOF, gates, practice... - added arngrim's DOF script - now needs a new controller.vbs to run this! - fixed the gates thanks to Vinthar's input - physics tweaks to the flippers and some other things... 100716b - Feature update... - reverted Vengeance movement back to gtxjoes PRO script - scripted sw53, not sure if it fixes anything? - increased autoplunger strength 100516b - Bug fix .... - Removed drain walls from 100516a release 100516a - Bug fix and feature addition: - Fixed left kicker not kicking out occasionally - Added option to the top of the script to disable the lasers (PewPew), set this to 0 if you experience performance issues when the lasers come on 100216d - Initial release Submitter freneticamnesic Submitted 10/12/2016 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod VP Version  
  16. View File Cosmic Princess (Stern 1979)nude Nude version of my restored Cosmic Princess (Stern 1979) backglass zip file includes a nude mod of JPsala's Cosmic Princess (Stern 1979) vpt table and preview images and weel logo for frontend thanks to all authors for permission to mod NOTICE My work does NOT want to offend anyone, if you do not agree don't download or use file Submitter editoy Submitted 06/25/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
  17. File Name: World Poker Tour (Stern 2006) File Submitter: freneticamnesic File Submitted: 15 Nov 2014 File Category: Recreations Link to B2S: Permission to Mod: Yes ROM Name: wpt_140a VP Version: Experimental - PhysicsMod IMPORTANT: You need to run this with the latest VPinMAME (2.04 or higher) otherwise VP will crash on JACKPOT events. Thanks to arngrim for implementing a fix for this release! I recommend running this with a static backglass image for accurate gameplay. The standard LED array in VP is for a 64 bit display. In every other game (WOF, TSPP, Monopoly) this is more than enough information. WPT is the only game so far that displays more than 64 bits of information on a secondary display. If we run the 64 bit script, it leaves the last 6 columns of LEDs unlit no matter what, but we can run b2s (and in turn, DOF). If we run the 128 bit script, you can see all of the array, but it won't start with b2s. To solve this, gtxjoe scripted an amazing workaround that will fill in the blanks. For 80% of the use of these last 6 columns, his script will accurately display the information that needs to be displayed. However, for the "River" card (the very last card turned over), it's a complete guess as to which suit will be displayed. In theory, 25% of the time, the suit will be correct. The other 75% of the time, the suit will be wrong, but in all honesty may never even be noticeable. There is some bounce on the upper PF flippers. It has no effect on gameplay, but it sometimes occurs and is a little confusing at first. It has to do with the physmod reaction of physics on a wall (upper pf in this case). This can be fixed in a new version of Physmod I think... for now it's negligible. This is for PHYSMOD 5 ONLY. I'm sorry to non-PM users, but for me, this is the only way to play anymore. I give full permission (as always) to mod and release my table as anyone desires. If anyone does a non-Physmod conversion, feel free to upload it or release a patch here on VPU! With all that being said, please enjoy this release! Thanks to bodydump for great pictures of the plastics which allowed me to redraw everything really quickly. As with all my latest releases, a lot of the primitive code on this table is thanks to Rascal. His movement script for primitives has severely sped up the time that I am able to turn tables around in. On a table like this, with a million drop targets, it cannot be understated... Thanks to gtxjoe for the script help on the LED Array. Also thanks to Sindbad for some input. Thanks to Arngrim for the VPM fix. Thanks to mekurri2006 for a lot of playtesting and feedback. I'm very happy with this table. It's much funner to play than I would expect. It flows very well and the LEDs in the middle are, at the very least, a clever novelty. Click here to download this file
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Guys, I've been making some new wheel images, topper videos, and DMD videos for my cab for my favorite pinball for VPX. As I make them, I will share them here. First up is for Wheel of Fortune (Stern 2007). This Topper, DMD, and Wheel Kit includes: WOF-Color-Topper.mp4 - 30 Second Topper Looping MP4 Video WOF-Color-Image-Topper.png - Static Topper PNG Image WOF-Real-Color-DMD.mp4 - 30 Second Color DMD Looping MP4 Video WOF-PBX-Wheel-Logo.png - WOF Wheel Image PNG Load them into your Pinball X or similar front-end system. All have been tested with the latest version of PBX. Enjoy.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Playboy (Stern 2002) Dual Mode Backglass Brand New 2K Backglass / Translate Scan for new B2S Includes grill for 2-screen users with the option to 'Hide Grill' for 3-screen / cab users. Original backglass only had 1 fluorescent bulb as illuminations - Authentic Mode Fantasy Mode has been added to bring some lighting animation life to an otherwise static backglass. Be sure to "rename" the backglass to the same name as the released vpx table.
  20. View File Big Buck Hunter Pro (Stern 2010) Big Buck Hunter Pro (Stern 2010) Submitter Wildman Submitted 10/12/2013 Category B2S Backglasses  
  21. Version 1.1


    Sharkeys Shootout(Stern 2000) Holy Crap...This DB2S makes
  22. View File Playboy (Stern 2002) Dual Mode Backglass Playboy (Stern 2002) Dual Mode Backglass Brand New 2K Backglass / Translate Scan for new B2S Includes grill for 2-screen users with the option to 'Hide Grill' for 3-screen / cab users. Original backglass only had 1 fluorescent bulb as illuminations - Authentic Mode Fantasy Mode has been added to bring some lighting animation life to an otherwise static backglass. Be sure to "rename" the backglass to the same name as the released vpx table. Submitter HiRez00 Submitted 04/15/2020 Category B2S Backglasses  
  23. Version 2.0


    High Roller Casino(Stern 2001)
  24. View File Wheel of Fortune (Stern 2007) Wheel of Fortune (Stern 2007) 1.0 Submitter Wildman Submitted 03/10/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2434-wheel-of-fortune-stern-2007/ Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Contact Author First. VP Version v10  
  25. View File Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast (Stern 2018) Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast (Stern 2018) Hi Rez Scan Submitter Wildman Submitted 04/01/2020 Category B2S Backglasses  
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