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Found 1 result

  1. hi guys i see lots of night mods coming and get a heap of pm messages from people requesting some help getting g.i effects made in Photoshop. so i decided to give people a hand on a method i like to use that's pretty simple and you get a lot of control of how the lighting looks in the finished product. included in this post is a Photoshop template file ready for you to put your own play field image in and by following a few simple steps can create some general illumination lighting. now this is only a quick introduction to get shadows and other reflections is extra but this is a good start and you will be happy with your results im sure. here is the photoshop source file required to begin: lighting tutorial.zip so here we go: Step 1 when you open the file make sure to have access to the layers section step 2 the area you will be using is color coded green and labeled in a folder named uncompleted example step 3 Insert your own playfield image into where i have placed my example or to try demo just use my example. step 4 you will see a folder named light source, duplicate this folder and use the move tool to place it in the position of another bulb. repeate this step until all bulbs have light on your playfield. step 6 now you have made all light sources you may be thinking " the table is still not right and too dark around the light sources". create a new layer under your lightsource folders above your playfield image and select the layer type to "overlay" step 7 now select the brush tool and make the width around 230px and set the brush hardness to 0% step 8 now open up the foreground color properties and change the color to the one in the following screen shot step 9 now paint on your new created layer, you will see it lighting up your playfield, you can get creative here and leave out areas to imitate shadows. step 10 if you are not happy with the amount of intensity the painted light has created just duplicate the painted layer and adjust its transparency in the layers properties panel hope you guys can follow this and it is useful, giving instructions isn't my strong point. if it does help people i could make more quick tips like this for other things if anybody would be interested This post has been promoted to an article
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